CAPITAL INCREASE IN FINTERRA Foundations of Balanced Banking site launched Global with Joost Verbeek Global Americas RI IN THE NEWS F&A Private Equity Fund Q What is the fund's target marketi Joost Verbeek is responsible for the private equity activities within Rabobank. He and his team recently launched a private equity fund that will invest in unlisted mid-cap companies active in the F&A sector in Poland. Q What is the FÓ*A Private Equity Fund and why create iti A The recently launched F&A private equity fund in Poland - called the Resource Eastern European Equity Partners LP I and launched in colla- boration with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development - has been established to seek out private equity opportunities in suitable international markets. The private equity fund essentially acquires stakes in unlisted F&A companies in Poland, with the aim of growing those companies and thereby increasing the value of the investment." Q Why was Poland chosen as the location for the fundi A "Firstly, we believe we can achieve very interesting returns within Poland's F&A sector, where we have a great deal of expertise. Because private equity is all about taking stakes in companies that you believe have potential, it's vital that you work with people who really understand the market. This is where our daughter organisation BGZ and Rabobank Poland provide real value. Our colleagues in Poland helped enormously in researching the market and providing us with resources and data. Secondly, because the fund will hold stakes in dynamic and growing companies, we will open up cross-selling opportunities with BGZ, in areas such as leveraged fïnance or M&A products." A 'The majority of the fund's capital will be invested in the Polish F&A market, where we are looking at mid-market investment opportunities. We believe that given the current economie climate there are many interesting opportunities for a focus fund. When that's combined with the strength of the fund's management team and the buoyancy of the Polish economy, we believe now is a great time to step in as an investor." In December, Rabobank increased its participation in FinTerra through a capital increase from 25 percent to 37.5 percent, with an option to acquire control in the future. FinTerra is a leading non-bankfinancial institution in Mexico dedicated tothe agri sector. 'Tm very pleased with this investment because it is aligned with Rabobank's strategy to be the world's leading F&A bank. Mexico is a country with significant agricultural production volume and is well connected to the world's food and agri- business markets," says Berry Marttin, member of the Executive Board of Rabobank Nederland. Manuel Gonzalez, Managing Director and General Manager of Rabobank's Mexico Representative Office, says, "Over the last two years, through Rabobank's participation in FinTerra, we have become more and more convinced of the promise of rural lending in Mexico and of FinTerra's role as a key player in the sector. Rabobank looks forward to continuing to work with FinTerra to provide financing to an even broader clientele across Mexico's food and agricultural sector." Rabobank has launched a 'Foundations of Balanced Banking'site, which offers support in making the right choices when implementing Rabobank International's strategy. The platform contains relevant information on the key value drivers, which are the foundations of Rabobank's balanced banking ideas. The value drivers are: stable income growth; cost reduction and cost consciousness; efficiënt allocation of existing and freed-up capital; managing dient and operational risks better to minimise provisions and expected losses; and optimising liquidity via deposit taking and appropriate pricing. For more information, visit the site at: If you have any questions, please send an e-mail to: 4 ISSUE 22 jANUARY 2010 THE WORD

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