■ft Harry de Idoo DEVELOPING F&A BUSINESS THROUGH COOPERATION (8-13) Rl EVENTS (28-29) CREATING CLIENT INTIMACY (30-34) HRANNOUNCEMENTS (35) IN THE LI MEUG SWEET OPPOR! Q&A (22-23) SOUTH AMERll TABLE OF CONTENTS RUN THE NEWS (4-7) FSC Mixed Sources Rabobank's goal of becoming the leading F&A bank is backed by both sector expertise and a robust network of business subsidiaries. One element of the strategy: to further develop RI's cooperation with subsidiary organisations, such as De Lage Landen and Sarasin. How Rabobank's renewedfocus on F&A has highlighted the high value ofits research capabilities. John Ryan, membe 'I see enormous pot Sugar: an example operate in an inter Lex Kloosterman, 'What gives me joy South America of It is therefore defii But with opportu ffdoobank InWruaionA ChieJ findncidi "Risk Officer £ee page H for the f33 net^s arwotAncement The latest developments Product group from well-managed forests, controlled sources and recyded wood or fibre www.fsc.org Cert no. SCS-COC-00812 1996 Forest Stewardship Council The Word is a strategie internal magazine for Rabobank International employees Editor-in- Chief: Ingrid Hagen Project Managers: Richard Vogeler Cerine van Klaveren Design Text: Readershouse Brand Media Amsterdam, Monique van Kessel Editorial Address: Rabobank International Global Communications Team P.O. Box 17100, 3500 HG Utrecht, The Netherlands Internal postal code: UC O 356 E-mail: fm.nl.utrecht.The Word Pbotography: Merlijn Doomernik, Edwin Walvisch, Obermoeller Inc., Corbis, Dreamstime, Hollandse Hoogte, iStockphoto, Karin Schwandt, Pieter Pijlman (illustrations) Copyright: Images are subject to copyright protection and may not be used without permission Printsupport: vdbj_print support Bloemendaal 2 ISSUE 22 JANUARY 2010 THE WORD

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