Dear colleagues, EDITORIAL A fresh new year has just started. One that we hope will bring you success, both in business and in your private life. We are firmly convinced that 2010 will be the year in which Rabobank international harvests the fruits of our labours in 2009 - a year that was marked by change and organisational revitaiisation. In the New Year we will be working together to achieve our main goals: market leadership in the Netherlands and being the leading F&A bank globally. The Rl conference in November 2009 made it evident that cliënt intimacy is key in our business approach, for both wholesale, rural and retail banking. We have to get closer to, and intensify our relationship with, our clients and truly understand their business from the inside out and commit ourselves for the long term. We have all the assets to be able to do this, so now is the time for action. More than ever, we have to work collaboratively across regions and different product groups to provide our clients with the best possible products and services, at every stage of the F&A value chain. Teamwork will lay the foundations for our successes and strong investment in knowledge exchange and talent development this year will galvanise our teamwork. Within rural and retail banking, instead of looking for new investments, we will focus strongly on our current assets and intensify the relationship with our clients in order to 'claim a seat at their kitchen table'. One of the initiatives this year will be to build a global network to share knowledge on cliënt engagement and talent development. Furthermore, by improving our systems and procedures for the different rural and retail banks we will provide our clients with even better service. As for wholesale, 2010 must be the year in which we accentuate our global footprint as the leading F&A bank. More than anything else this means gaining trust and intimacy with our chosen clients and becoming their preferred bank of choice. In order to do this, we have to work on our leadership capabilities, inspire colleagues and work beyond the boundaries of our organisation. This coming year will be focused on internal leadership, capital choices, focused know-how and resources, optimising the product range, synchronised network and cliënt leadership. We will also strive to make CSR a true business proposition within our wholesale framework. Although these may seem like an assortment of different priorities, they are not. There are common denominators in both areas: focus, teamwork and ciient leadership. Working together as one Rl across the F&A value chain is crucial to our global success. One last thing we want to touch upon is the topic of remuneration. We are very aware of the debate this is provoking within our organisation. Indeed, Rabobank welcomes discussion on remuneration within the financial sector. In our view this creates more of a level playing field for all stakeholders and we believe that the outcome will help restore confidence in financial institutions. Rabobank's attitude towards bonus schemes has always been based on fairness, one that takes into account differences and the extent of dedication, commitment and the drive of each employee. New regulations will not change this. In fact, we are confident that the new rules will align with our approach towards remuneration and that we can continue to reward.our employees in a fair, open and honest way. Last but not least, we wish you a lot of success in everything you do in the coming year. Best regards, Sipko Schat Berry Marttin Executive Board member Executive Board member issue 22 j Ar THE WORDT»

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