HR ANNOUNCEMENTS October 2009 - February 2010 R1 WHOLESALE WHOLESALE CLIENTS INTERNATIONAL ASIA WHOLESALE CLIENTS INTERNATIONAL EUROP CORPORATE CLIENTS NL/WHOLESALE NL GFM CF/TCF/PE RIRURAL AND RETAIL BANKING SOUTH AMERICA AÜSRAL!A/NEW ZtALAND INTERNATIONAL RE! AH PRODUCTS SUPPORT APPOINTED AS REPORTING TO FORMER ROLE SUCCEEDS SUCCEEDED BY John Baker October 2009 Soh Hang Kwang January 2010 Head FAR Asia General Manager Singapore Carel van der Hamsvoort/Rob van Zadelhoff Rob van Zadelhoff External External Tom Bauer Chong Theng Goh N.A. N.A. Laurent Gacon October 2009 Armando de Sanna October 2009 General Manager France Head M&A F&A Europe Peter Howell Emmanuel Durand/ Peter Howell Head of Food Agribusiness France Head of Cross-Border M&A Arnaud Roux de Bézieux Maarten ter Haar N.A N.A. Mirelle Pennings November 2009 Istvan Csejtei November 2009 Deputy Director Large Businesses Head Corporate Advisory Rabo Securities Eric Saris Sander Pruijs Global Head Human Resources Managing Director Corporate Advisory Eric Saris Frank de Bekker Frank de Bekker T.B.A. Dick Klaasse October 2009 Wholesale Treasurer Arjo Blok Will continue former role as Global Head of Client Trading Money Markets and Head of GFM Utrecht Marco Roddenhof (partly) N.A. Björn Stibbe December 2009 Head Leveraged Finance The Netherlands Neil Read Senior Manager Leveraged Finance Tjard Westbroek T.B.A. Fernando Araya November 2009 General Manager Rabobank Chile Guillermo Bilbao Deputy General Manager Rabobank Chile Thos Gieskes (partly) N.A David Cormack January 2010 Head TCF Australia Karei Valken/ Kenny Wei/ Paul Beiboer Head TCF Energy London Mike O'Connell T.B.A. Max van Lier October 2009 Hem Mulders January 2010 Niels Berendsen February 2010 Head of Process Improvement Global Head Strategy, Investment Management, Governance and Business Monitoring Head Product Management Office BGZ Rutger Schellens Rutger Schellens Jeroen Nijsen Management Team ARG Wholesale Head Product Management Office BGZ Risk Consultant Malaysia New role New role Hem Mulders Kier ten Brink Niels Berendsen T.B.D. Frank de Bekker November 2009 Andy Franklin October 2009 Yvonne Clancy October 2009 Tjard Westbroek December 2009 Global Head Human Resources Head Human Resources Wholesale Europe Head Human Resources Retail Europe Deputy Head Global Special Asset Management Sipko Schat Frank de Bekker Frank de Bekker Arthur Staal Head Corporate Advisory Rabo Securities Will continue former role as Head Human Resources London GFM Will continue former role as Human Resources Director ACCBank Head Leveraged Finance The Netherlands Mirelle Pennings Stephan Janssens (partly) Stephan Janssens (partly) New role Istvan Csejtei N.A. N.A. Björn Stibbe ISSUE 22 IANUARY 2010 THE WORD 35

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