Rabobank's renewed focus on Food Agribusiness (F&A) has highlighted the value of its Food Agribusiness Research and Advisory (FAR) division. FAR is also changing, from a support service to an integral part of the bank's front-line services. In fact, FAR has become essential to both clients and client-facing staff as they navigate the increasingly important and increasingly volatile world of F&A commodities. FAR is also opening doors to some of the world's leading F&A players, helping Rabobank prove its F&A credentials, whether it's in Australia, Europe, Asia, or the Americas. Carel van der Hamsvoort, FAR Global Head: "Our key strengths are our global footprint and the inside insights we get from cliënt contact. We need to use both to conduct in-depth analysis and generate long-term views on F&A - both sector and over-arching topics. That way we signal risks and opportunities, supporting clients in the strategie issues they're dealing with. The cliënt intimacy this creates gives Rabobank a competitive advantage." KNOWLEDGE MOVES FRONT ANDCENTRE ISSUE 22 THE WORD 3

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