FAR EVENT CHILE Introduction new General Manager F&A ADVISORY BOARD ASIA WhatFAR presentation to Rabobank Chile clients When? 23 October 2009 Where? Santiago, Chile On 23 October, Rabobank Chile, the Association of Poultry Producers (APP) and the Association of Pork Producers of Chile (ASPROCER) held an exclusive breakfast and presen tation for clients at the Santiago Intercontinental Hotel. During the breakfast, Kenneth Shwedel, Director of Agroindustrial Analysis for Rl, based in Mexico, gave a presen tation titled: 'Economie Crisis: Implications for the Meat Industry', where he stressed that volatility in the financial sector has forced the meat sector to adopt a pro- active attitude and make important adjustments. Mr. Shwedel also spoke about the potential impact on Chilean exports from the knock-on effect of the eco nomie crisis at the global level of the agro-industrial chain. Clients were given first-hand analysis of the meat industry from a global perspective, including how income issues are a relevant factor influencing demand at the consumer level. Guillermo Bilbao, Fernando Araya andThos Gieskes WhatIntroduction of new General Manager to top clients When? 23 October 2009 Where? Santiago, Chile On 23 October, Rabobank Chile invited its top clients to meet its new General Manager, Fernando Araya, and to say farewell to Thos Gieskes, who is taking up a new role as Regional Manager for Australia New Zealand. Also, Guillermo Bilbao was presented as the new Regional Manager for South America. During the reception, Thos Gieskes spoke about Rabobank Chile's com- mitment to the F&A value chain within Chile, and about the bank's ongoing investment in improving the full range of products to reinforce its long term relationships with all of its clients. The event was also attended by Rabobank's General Managers from Argentina and Brazil. What? F&A Advisory Board Asia When? 28-30 October 2009 Where? Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia In October 2009, Rabobank Asia's F&A Advisory Board 2009 captured the mood of F&A players from Asia with its discussions on 'Green Shoots in the wake of the Global Financial Crisis and Opportunities in Agri- business'. A total of 32 participants gathered in Kuala Lumpar, Malaysia to discuss key F&A sector developments. Rob van Zadelhoff, Head of Rl Asia, opened the meeting and introduced Rabobank Executive Board member Sipko Schat, who gave an update on how Rabobank is weathering the financial crisis, the new Rl governance structure, and RI's revised strategy to increase its F&A focus. In addition to looking back at the achievements and challenges of the first six months, he also touched on what he believes 2010 will bring for Rabobank. David Dawe, Senior Economist at the UN's FAO, spoke about what the financial crisis and commodity market volatility meant to the Asian Agribusiness sector, while the Honourable Congressman Charles W. Stenholm spoke about the new US direction towards agriculture, and more importantly, its impact on Asia. ISSUE 22 ANUAF'Ï THE WORD

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