A major part of myjob is to help create a culture in which employees can excel, so we can offer our customers superior service 5 B Who is John Ryan? El Teil us something about your professional background? B Are you happy you joined Rabobank? Ei Has it been a culture shock, moving from Canada to the US? B And moving from Farm Credit To Rabo AgriFinance? How do you see your new role as a member of the Rural and Retail Banking MT? B How fast will Rabo AgriFinance grow? B What are your immediate priorities? THE WORD 15 A "I was bom and raised in a very small rural community in Mulgrave, Nova Scotia, as the second of 12 children. So I understand the rural environment where most of our clients live and l'm used to being in a pretty hectic environment. I studied at St. Francis Xavier University in Antigonish, Canada, and gained a degree in Business Administration. I've carried on my education during my career, most significantly with a diploma in Advanced Management from Harvard. i married my high school sweetheart, Bev, 36 years ago, and we have two sons and one granddaughter. My favourite pastimes are golfing, boating, snowmobiling and fishing. I never get enough time for them, but I live in hope that things will settle down enough so I can make time." A"lmmediately after St. Francis, I joined the Business Development Bank of Canada as a Financial analyst, held 12 different jobs of increasing responsibility, and left 25 years later when I was Chief Operating Offreer. That was when I was offered the job of President and CEO at Farm Credit Canada, where I stayed until I moved to Rabo AgriFinance. In my 10 years with Farm Credit, we increased the loan portfolio to USD 14.5 billion from USD 4.5 billion and annual profit to more than USD 200 million per annum from USD 25 million per annum. Just as importantly, in those ten years we saw a huge improvement in employee engagement. This helped the bank become a top-10 employer of choice in Canada and was key to improving Farm Credit's results." A "Oh, very much so. I see enormous growth potential in our business. I knew Rabobank before I joined, as we were involved in joint deals, but ultimately it was the bank's values that really caught my attention, as they're very much aligned with my own values. Rabobank is also at a very exciting stage. We want to be the premier F&A bank in the United States, offering real solutions to our clients - solutions that help them to capitalise on opportunities and overcome challenges.The goal, really, is to create a triple-win situation: a win for our customers, a win for Rabobank, and a win for our employees. I share those ambitions wholeheartedly." A "It's been more different than we imagined. But this is the twelfth move for my wife and me, so we're used to it. We always look for the good things. And people here in the Midwest are great to work with. What you see is what you get, and that's people who want to do their best. Obviously, the US F&A market is much biggerthan the Canadian market, and farmers tend to be a lot bigger, too. But that makes working here pretty exciting." A 'The two institutions are similar in a lot of ways. Both are looking to develop a leadership role. To do that, you need to set the strategie direction, develop your people and then carry out the strategy successfully. My challenge now is to get to know the country and the people as well as I did in Canada. Agricultural financing is a commoditised business, so we haveto define our value proposition. What can we offer our customers that other financial institutions cannot? The key to that is our people, so a big part of myjob is to help create a culture in which employees can excel, so we can offer our customers superior service." A "Retail, or farm financing, will play a much greater role for us in the future. Sitting on the Rural and Retail Banking MT gives me an opportunity to participate in the strategy and help set that future direction. I can also learn a lot from retail structures around the world. For instance, Australia has a big head start in retail banking, so they've covered a lot of ground that we still have ahead of us. It also means I can exchange views with, and receive guidance from, the head of retail, Berry Marttin. So I think the new structure and being part of the rural and retail team is a real plus." A "Flow fast we grow is not as important as how we grow. There's a tremendous opportunity for growth in the US and we can increase our market share considerably. But we have to grow sustainably and profitably. Our portfolio will increase by around 50 percent this year, which is phenomenal, but you cannot expect that level of growth every year. We have some major advantages. Rabobank is recognised as a world leader in F&A finance, and we've proven that we are prepared to stick with our customers in bad times." A "Farm debt in the United States is around USD 220 billion, and we have a loan portfolio of USD 5 billion, so I see tremendous upside, and a huge opportunity to increase market share. We've developed a new strategy to do this, and now it's time to execute that strategy. More specifïcally, we will finalise the merger of legacy companies Lend Lease and Ag Services of America. And we need to improve our service delivery. Another priority is building a new culture at Rabo AgriFinance; based on accountability, commitment and teamwork. This is all about how we get the job done right across the organisation. When we do this, Rabo AgriFinance is clearly going to win."« ISSUE 22

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