Sarasin 4 Rabobank is inter- nationally diversified, has over 9 million clients, and we see tremendous synergy opportunities 9 Company Pro file Joachim Straehle Latin America cooperation Sarasin Poland Sarasin is an international private bankheadquartered in Switzerland. A Rabobank subsidiary, Sarasin's core activities include investment advisory and asset manage ment services for private and institutional clients. Joachim Straehle, CEO of Sarasin: any vendor finance competitors in China that can offer the same. This will continue to be our focus in new business development going forward." In Brazil, one of the world's great F&A business countries, Rl and DLL have both established strong business bases that cover a number of Latin American countries. Although little formal cross selling takes place between the two entities, the working relationship is excellent, and opportunities are starting to develop. Erik Peek, RI's General Manager in Brazil, explains that within the country's rural banking sector the two companies share information when regulatory laws permit. "We both work efficiently within our own market areas, and our credit analysts regularly consult each other on the phone, as we have around 50 clients in common. On a broader level, DLL is developing a leasing product, which they are just about to commercialise, and that could be extremely interesting. We don't offer leasing products, and neither do many of our peers, and DLL's expertise within this area could prove to be very attractive for some of our corporate clients." Maarten Viskaal, DLL's Senior VP Latin America, considers cross-selling leasing products into RI's customer base as a priority in 2010. "Besides the continuous knowledge sharing between our businesses, and after the implementation of our leasing product in Brazil, DLL is now ready to offer this additional service to Rabobank's customers. All we have to do is: formalise a cooperation and incentive structure, provide training, and start selling." One of the most interesting markets currently developing business ties among group companies in Europe is Poland, which is served by Rl, Sarasin, and Bank BGZ. In February 2009, Sarasin opened a representative office in Warsaw, and although its development within the country is still at an early stage, the bank's senior representative, Daniël Raemy, believes the potential is great. "While Rl concentrates predominantly on large commercial clients and BGZ focuses on the retail market, Sarasin offers private banking services and creates a complementary range of services within the market. Rl and BGZ are already introducing us to the private owners of their corporate clients. These people have a need for top class Wealth Management services. And the other way around, our clients often need financing which they can get from Rl or BGZ. We look forward to a long and successful cooperation with Rl and BGZ." Jacek Szugajew, President of Rabobank Poland pointed out that all the clients of the group will benefit from this cooperation. i Sarasin places great importance on building long-term relationships with its clients, providing them with sustainable financial planning, as well as individual solutions tailored to meet personal needs. As an international financial service provider committed to sustainability, the Sarasin Group is represented in more than 20 locations in Europe, the Middle East and Asia. In June 2009 it had cliënt assets of CHF 79.9 billion under management and employed around 1,500 staff. issue 22 THE WORD 13

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