De Lage Landen Company Pro file COVER STORY COOPERATION WITH DLL AND SARA SIN Jan Kusters and Wïm Visser De Lage Landen (DLL) is an asset-basedfinancing company that offers a complete range of vendor financing solutions, including leasing, administration, risk management, and asset management services. 12 issue n ia .ry 20io THE WORD opportunities for both Rl and DLL in China are great. "We are targeting the top-5 F&A companies within their respective sectors - pork, sugar, grain, and so on - which means that we are looking at dozensofclients and prospects asour'core founding' F&A portfolio. This means we have to offer a very wide range of financial services, and this will continue to grow, as companies in China are hungry to learn about new banking leasing products and services. Once we begin to deliver this process in a more standardised way within China's F&A sector, both Rl and DLL will benefit tremendously - not just in terms of revenue, but also in terms of helping to establish Rabobank and DLL as leading F&A players in the country and region." In practice, good cooperation begins with open communi- cation channels between both senior management and the relationship managers that deal with the clients day-to-day. According to Flans Loth, DLL's Senior VP Asia, cooperation is supported at the most senior level. "On a regional (Asia) level this is Rob van Zadelhoff and myseif, but also country managers from Rl and DLL hold regular meetings to discuss business opportunities and catch up more in general. Additionally, we regularly brief Rl on what we're doing and the products we offer. This allows us to understand each other's business model and strategy and helps with cross selling. We also focus on the softer elements of business building. For instance, we organise joint social events and have staff exchanges between the two companies, which is crucial if we want our employees to be familiar with each other and the other company's business model and products." Orlando Wang believes that the Chinese market is a potential springboard to global markets, and is confident that the combined regional expertise of Rl and DLL will prove a winning combination. 'There are many local companies within the F&A arena that we can do business with domestically, and then try to take that business to the rest of the world. Chinese companies are growing in both size and ambition, and as local finance providers with a global reach, both DLL and Rl are in an ideal position to benefit." Hans Loth agrees: "In our customer contacts in China we have noticed that DLL's global footprint is very instrumental in our selling proposition. I do not know of Over the past four decades the company has gained a wealth of experience and knowledge in a select number of industry segments, most prominently the F&A sector, its largest business unit. DLL has grown successfully around the world, and currently carries out vendor finance business in over 35 countries, as well as car leasing on a European level and consumer finance within the domestic Dutch market. As a wholly owned subsidiary of Rabobank Group, DLL supports its parent organisation's international proposition. The com pany's Banking Services division works with Rabobank International globally to help complete its offering to customers and to add value whenever and wherever possibie. In 2008 DLL achieved a net profit of EUR 235 million, held a lease portfolio of EUR 23.3 billion and employed 4,965 staff.

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