Q&A NEW: RABOBANK MATTERS New chairman Global Global Australia RABOBANK MATTERS RIIN with Ronald Slaats CEO De Lage Landen Q Q cooperation betiveen De Lage Landen and Rabobank? Q factors for De Lage Landen in the coming De Lage Landen is a fully owned subsidiary of the Rabobank Group, providing global leasing and fïnance solutions. Ronald Slaats, who took over as CEO on 1 June, talks about his vision for the company. A Well, our sales are up to par and our costs are under control. But we do have some challenges. Firstly, due to the turbulent economie conditions, there is an increased chance that businesses get into difficulties, so we have to keep a close watch on the quality of our portfolio. And secondly, there are limits on how fast we can grow because of the scarcity of capital. However, the business is solid, and we see many more bright spots than clouds. A Cooperation with Rabobank opens up many synergy opportunities, such as cross-selling to each other's customers, which benefits both the customer and us. For example, we launched a successful joint operation in Poland with Rabobank's BGZ, where we provided leasing services to both local customers and Rabobank's customers. In addition, with our contribution to Rabobank's 'Amphora' initiative, we enable local Rabobank's in the Netherlands to service their customers abroad with our products and services. A We will continue to work towards a stable, profitable future, while improving where we can and strengthening our operations so that we can accelerate when the time is right. Rabobank Australia New Zealand appointed William P. Gurry as the chairman of its board of directors, effective 31 March. Mr Gurry replaces James Graham, who served as chairman from November 2002. Chairman of the Managing Board of Rabobank International Bert Heemskerk says: "Bill Gurry is a highly-respected business leader and an expe- rienced company director. He has an extensive background in banking and food retailing and strong rural interests. During his time on the Rabobank board, Bill has distinguished himself as a director of the highest calibre." Mr Gurry has enjoyed a lengthy and eminent career in business, holding a number of senior roles in the fïnancial services industry. He was executive chairman of UBS in Australia and CEO of its forerunner Potter Warburg. He also served as managing director of National Mutual Royal Bank. Mr Gurry is currently chairman of wine company Cheviot Bridge and a director of the Financial Markets Foundation forChildren and St. Vincent's Mercy Private Hospital. 'Rabobank Matters' is a new publication, offering insights into recent develop- ments in cooperative banking. The book highlights Rabobank Group's ability to be an innovative market leader, while managing to remain a local bankto its customers, and is a fine addition to previous publications that covered the roots and functioning of Rabobank. This well-illustrated paperback demon- strates that the cooperative phiiosophy is still relevant today, and shows what makes Rabobank so special, where its roots lie and how it continues to operate successfully both nationally and internationally. Some of the topics covered include: the origin and founding of Rabobank; the cooperative phiiosophy; the legal frame- work; capital structure and relationships; developments in fïnancial services; and banking and CSR. The final chapter, 'Across the border,' provides a well-written overview of Rabobank's international presence and activities since the 1980s. The book can be ordered through the Raboshop, number 13692. 6 ISSUE 20 THE WORD

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