wmmmwaÊm ^mÊÊÊM HR ANNOUNCEMENTS April - June 2009 AMERICAS A5IA NETHERLANDS GFM MÊÊÊÊmm CORPORATE FINANCE SUPPORT OTHER May 2009 Director of Risk Management Legal Brazil Erik Peek Head of Corporate Banking Brazil NA Henrique Costa July 2009 Head of Corporate Banking Brazil Erik Peek Regional Risk Manager Latin America José Giachini T.B.A. May 2009 Chief Financial Officer Rob van Zadelhoff/ Gilles Boumeester/ Mark van Driel Head of Product Control Financial Markets N.A. T.B.A. August 2009 Investment Manager RAPAR (Rabo Private Equity) Joost Verbeek Director Wholesale, Local Bank Schiphol N.A. T.B.A. Jan Lambregts April 2009 Global Head Financial Markets Research Arjo Blok Head of Research Asia (partly) NA N.A. Xavier Ducros April 2009 European Head of Structuring Jasper van Wel Fund Structurer GFM - Multi-Product Structuring NA N.A. Franz Maier April 2009 Global Head of Financial Engineering Donal Galvin Head of Financial Engineering - Equities, Funds Hybrids (partly) N.A. N.A. Jasper van Wel May 2009 European Head of Client Structured Products Donal Galvin External N.A. N.A. Marin Boon April 2009 Head Corporate Finance Member banks Tanja Cuppen Senior Manager Leveraged Finance Twan Geurts N.A. Dick Vlot May 2009 Global Head IS&D Ralf Dekker Head Operations and IT Ben Vergouw T.B.A. Rob Schuurman May 2009 Chief Security Officer Ralf Dekker IT-Audit Manager Jean-Christophe Gaillard N.A. Armand van Wolferen April 2009 Head E-Commerce IS&D Dick Vlot RN Manager Service Management Group ICT Hayo de Vries N.A. Bob Westhoff June 2009 Head Operations and IT (IS&O) Dick Vlot Head Applications IS&D Operations and IT Dick Vlot Hayo de Vries Hayo de Vries June 2009 Head Applications IS&D Operations and IT Bob Westhoff Head E-Commerce IS&D Bob Westhoff Armand van Wolferen Twan Geurts April 2009 Team manager BBF Fred Weenig Head Corporate Finance Member banks N.A. Marin Boon ISSUE 20 THE WORD

Rabobank Bronnenarchief

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