We are helping clients to increase the sustainability oftheir business Albert Boogaard: WORKING TOGETHER Tip of the iceberg afford to use fertilisers," Hans Bogaard says. "And what this means is that farmers will move onto new land once the old land is exhausted. And of course this affects the quantity and quality of the raw materials Rl clients need. In this case, everybody wins, from the local farmers to big companies like Yara." Although RF and RD are already working with Rl clients all over the world, everyone agrees that they have so far only scratched the surface of the potential business they could be doing and the value they could be adding for Rl clients. Anke van Kempen: "We are already working with some of the world's biggest F&A players, like Mars, Cargill and ECOM, and l'rn sure ifwe look at the supply chain of other Rabobank clients we can quickly identify any number of opportunities for cooperation with RD, RF or both. Between RF and RD we cover so many countries and all the major commodities, from cocoa to palm oil and coffee to cotton. And we are being increasingly recognised by clients and non-clients for the unique combination of banking expertise and our CSR knowledge at every level of the F&A sector, from smallholders and cooperatives to major agri players," she adds. Because this is about business, Albert Boogaard says, RF may not have to make a profit as a foundation, but it is not working like a typical charity organisation. It looks at its clients from a banking perspective to ensure the long term viability of the projects. If RF makes donations to cooperatives, it has to know that those donations will no longer be necessary two or three years down the road, because the cooperative will be able to generate its own cashflow. "And once that is true, they can be integrated into the normal banking sector, for instance with RD's banking partners. What RD and RF are doing in a sense is helping to create a sustainable F&A sector for the future," says Hans Bogaard Rabobank Foundation was founded in 1973 and is a cor nerstone of Rabobank's CSR activities. It supports 150 projects annually, both in the Netherlands and abroad. The Foundation offers grants and loans, technical assistance, trade finance, mi- crofinance lending and guarantees for loans from other banks. Rabo Development was set up in 2005 with the aim of developing banks in developing countries through taking minority stakes. RD currently has minority stakes in 6 banks in 6 countries (China, Paraguay, Mozambique, Zambia, Rwanda and Tanzania). Via her daughter Rabo International Advisory Services (RIAS), Rabo Development offers Consulting services and management support to banks in the fields of rural banking, cooperative development and agricultural chain development. CSR Rabobank International is responsible for coordination and implementation of the CSR ambition and objectives of Rabobank International and Rabobank Group. Rl wants to actively contribute to the sustainability mission of Rabobank Group, internally and externally, by offering financial products and services to our customers and promote sustainable business operations with our (prospective) clients. The Global CSR team advises, coordinates and facilitates the business in contributing to these CSR ambitions, amongst others by signaling and connecting CSR initiatives within Rabobank and Rl clients. For more information on the projects and initiatives of Rabobank Foundation and Rabo Development, Rl CSR and Rabo Agri Fund please contact: CSR Rabobank International: Anke van Kempen (Anke.van.Kempen@rabobank.com) Rabo Development/ RIAS: Hans Bogaard (j.j.bogaard@rn.rabobank.nl) Rabobank Foundation: Albert Boogaard (a.boogaard@rn.rabobank.nl) Rabo Agri Fund: Ellen Bogers (Ellen.Bogers@rabobank.com) I issue 20 i THE WORD

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