TABLE 'MRINA N (30-34) IK (4-5) (6-9) (10-15) IN 11 ff IMI h Hl' (16-17) (18-21) FSC Mixed Sources COLOPHON (24-27) The undoubted success of Rabobank's rnral banking model in Australia and New Zealand (28-29) Collaboration across Rabo entities: How Rabo Developrnent, Rabo Foundation and RI work together successfully Ajter 40 years in the banking business, Bert Heemskerk retires. A farewell interview The latest developments The cooperative model lies at the heart of Rabobank's structure in the Netherlands. But should the model be implemented internationally? And could it work Cor Broekhuyse, member of RT's Managing Board, talks about his 33-year career at Rabobank, the future of the bank and his retire- ment The International Services offeringproves to be the right platform for Dutch member banks to serve the international ambitions of their clients (22-23) Q&A with Berry Marttin, member of Rabobank's Executive Board since July Product group from well-managed forests, controlled sources and recyded wood or fibre Certno. SCS-COC-00812 01996 Forest Stewardship Council The Word is a strategie internal magazine for Rabobank International employees Editor-in-Chief: Ingrid Hagen Project Managers: Richard Vogeler Cerine van Klaveren Design dr Text: Readershouse Brand Media Amsterdam Editorial Address: Rabobank International Global Communications Team P.O. Box 17100, 3500 HG Utrecht, The Netherlands Internal postal code: UC O 356 E-mail: Word Photography: Merlijn Doomernik.Tessa Posthuma de Boer, Edwin Walvisch; Corbis, Hollandse Hoogte: Rhonald Blommestijn (illustrations) Copyright: Images are subject to copyright protection and may not be used without permission Printsupport: vdBJ/PrintSupport fHE WORD

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