REGION SPECIAL AUSTRALIA Cf NEW ZEALAND The right people mmmttasam 'The first element is that the agricultural sector fared better than other sections of the economy," says Bruce. 'The second element is that we were in a strong position to take advantage of this, simply by doing what we have always done. We were, and we still are largely, the certainty in a market place that has many uncertain peers. Many banks have pulled backfrom doing business in sectors that aren't their key markets, and for most banks in the region the F&A sector isn't a key market. That has given us the opportunity to re-write business at more attractive terms, and reassess the needs of existing clients and new clients." One of the elements that makes Rabobank such a knowledgeable player in the sector is the ability of its people. Neil Dobbin, Group Executive Country Banking Australia New Zealand, believes that to create a successful rural banking model you need to go back to basics. "You need high quality people. If you don't have that, you can't relate S-Üi I The global banking sector, it is safe to say, won't remember 2008 as one of its greatest years. There were, however, a few bright spots - one of which was the performance of Rabobank Australia New Zealand. With a 30 percent rise in net profit compared to 2007, the region continued its strong performance unabated. Bruce Dick, Chief Executive Officer of Rabobank Australia New Zealand, believes there are two main reasons for this. issue 20 THE WORD

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