4 We could redefine the essence ofbanking at a time uwen people are asking themselves what exactly banking 9 [9 What do you consider the highlights of your career? Q a member of the Executive Board? What are your long-term goals? A "I was bom and raised in Brazil by Dutch parents, who emigrated to Brazil as farmers. My parents moved to Sao Paulo in the 1960s, so I grew up and studied in the big city. After I graduated with a degree in management, I did various traineeships in Brazil and the Netherlands. Then in 1990,1 started as a trainee with Rabobank in the Netherlands, with the aim of going backto Brazil. And I did. After five years there, focusing on commodity financing, I spent two years in Curagao, as an account manager for Central America and northern South America. Then it was off to Hong Kong, where I took care of large corporates in China, Macao and Hong Kong, and gained my MBA. After that, I moved to Jakarta as Director of Risk Management, my first statutory directorship. My next move was to Australia as Deputy General Manager rural banking for Australia and New Zealand, which was my first move into the area of Food Agribusiness retail banking. I was then asked to come to the Netherlands, where I headed up Rabobank Amsterdam. At that point, I feit like l'd been dropped right into the cooperative heart of the organisation, complete with Amsterdam's 20,000 members. So I suppose Berry Marttin is someone who has seen many parts of the organisation, but has also learned how Rabobank operates at its cooperative core." A 'The most important highlight to me is that l've managed to have this career and keep my family together. In terms of achievement, l'd have to say that was my period in Hong Kong, since I was able to combine my work with studying for an MBA. I believe I grew the most professionally in Australia, having to manage a retail organisation. In terms of what l've learned as a manager, Amsterdam has certainly been the most important highlight, especially given that my task was to turn around an organisation. My experience with different cultures was very useful as Amsterdam is the most multicultural place l've ever worked. I think we've done amazingly well adapting the bank to a multicultural urban environment. The key was first admitting that Amsterdam is a multicultural environment and that a one-solution- fïts-all simply doesn't work. We also decided we wanted to be a very relationship-driven organisation, very much in line with the Rabobank ethos. We also wanted to establish an emotional relationship with our clients and other stakeholders. That means different things in different cultures, so you almost have to be a different bank in different parts of the city, while staying true to Rabobank's values." A "Among other things, l'll be responsible for international retail, the regional international operations, international risk management and Rabo Development. What I want to do is make the best possible use of my international and retail experience and my agricultural background -1 am still a farmer as is my father. I want to put all that to use within our international network. If we can build on Rabobank's - and RI's - strengths and on our strategy, I have no doubt we will become a leading player in the global F&A financing sector, and be recognised as such. And through Rabo Development we will continue to develop our cooperative values in other countries." A "Being a Rabobank board member is something very special, because it means you can really make a difference. If I had to define a long-term goal, it would be to help Rabobank make that difference. l'd like to see our cooperative values in other counties, which is something l'm convinced will strengthen our cooperative principles in the Netherlands. We could redefine the very essence of banking at a time when people are asking themselves what exactly banking means. Rabobank is one of the world's few banks with a social answer to that question, because we have the built-in checks and balances our members - our clients - provide. We bring society into the bank." ISSUE 20 THE WORD

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