ECOSTYLE The International Desks increasingly perform the function af central point from one RI office to another j Mare Oostdijk: An international network Anne Jan Zwart, Director Ecostyle product RI was previously only able to offer on a limited basis outside the Netherlands. To rectify that, RI's Financial Logistics team set up the FLINT project just over a year ago, and RI has now teamed up with a major international bankto give Rabobank's clients access to the partner bank's accounts system. The project is already up and running in its fïrst phase in 12 countries and, as Abbenhuis says, providing cash management is a perfect basis for the sale of other products and services. The IS offering also proves to be a good platform for cross-seil on an international scale, which is a major element of the revised RI Strategy. For each cliënt, the International Finance manager tries to identify the product units within Rabobank that can contribute to a complete service offering, so that the cliënt is fully supported internationally. Mare Oostdijk: 'The International Finance manager plays a central role in putting together a package of services by looking at the challenges faced by a particular dient. Is the cliënt exporting, or importing? Does he need to finance an acquisition or a new production facility? So selling one anchor product creates a whole range of opportunities in terms of integrated solutions, which could include leasing, factoring, treasury or foreign exchange." More than once IS managed to create teams made up of Global Financial Markets, Trade and Commodity Finance and Corporate Finance specialists to actively support clients doing business internationally. Chris Abbenhuis: "Not only do we seek and support cross- seil within RI, but also between the separate Rabobank entities like DLL, Athlon, Robeco and FGFi. We organise meetings frequently to strengthen network contacts and develop business opportunities for mutual clients." Oostdijk adds that RI offices increasingly use the International Desks for RI clients across the world: 'The service we offer now expands to clients outside of the Netherlands. The International Desks increasingly act as the contact point from one RI office to another. For instance, in Italy the International Desk handles requests from other RI offices regarding company information and references. By taking care of these aspects, we also contribute to increased effectiveness as colleagues at the RI offices can remain focused on their core task." lt is still early days and there is still a lot to do, but what has already been achieved is encouraging. Of the 150 member banks in the Netherlands, around 75 have already used the business, and this number is increasing weekly. Chris Abbenhuis: "Clients, both large and small, now realise that we are one of the few Dutch banks with an international network. And given that the Netherlands is the second largest trading economy in Europe, the potential business is huge. If we can get this right, by really working with the member banks, International Services could add enormous value for Rabobank and its clients. For more information on Rabobank's International Services visit: "Ecostyle has been around for more than 40 years. We develop and market organic fertilisers and pesticides. Research is immensely important in our sector, but it requires substantial investment and you can only earn the investment back with substantial trading volumes. We approach the European market via our branches in Austria, Denmark, Belgium and Russia. We arranged our financing via Rabobank because they know the ins and outs of our company, which creates a great feeling of reliability and makes talking to each other a lot easier. Rabobank provided perfect assistance with this international deal. It gives you a real sense of security when you know that you can also arrange your international business at your local bank." ISSUE 20 THE WORD

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