Dutch Flower Group Butter SECTOR SPECIAL INTERNATIONAL SERVICES Change in attitude Cross-selling "Dutch Flower Group is a major trader in flowers and plants and is the Dutch market leader with a turnover of EUR 800 million and 1,400 employees located in 15 countries. We are building new premises for our operations in England and I want to arrange the financing in the Netherlands, with a local point of contact. easily. Rabobank has been our house bank for years. I contacted our account manager, submitted the application and made the deal. It's at such moments that Rabobank really proves its added value. No complicated processes and the ability to arrange international matters locally." The strength of the Netherlands is international Harry Brockhoff, trade, so a Dutch bank has to be in a position CFO Dutch Flower Group to arrange international financing, simply and international desks in 10 countries, with more on the way. With this servicing channel we stay close to Rabobank's cooperative values. We offer international banking services in a way that is nearby for our clients by making use of their local bank. We know the client's business and now extend this knowledge across the Dutch border, further deepening our long-standing cliënt relationship." Since July 2008, International Services has already completed over 220 transactions, valued at around EUR 1 billion. The average transaction is EUR 2 million to EUR 3 million, but can run as high as EUR 40 million, Chris Abbenhuis: "Of course, we are being affected by the current turmoil and transaction numbers are falling. But we're certainly not worried. We're in this for the long term and if we can work successfully with the member banks, the potential is enormous. Meanwhile, our job is to make it as easy as possible to use our products and services." Thanks to the large number of successful transactions, the member banks are becoming much more confident that International Services can deliveron its promises. And very importantly, member banks can now finance credit directly from their own balance sheets into other countries, using the International Services servicing model. International Services also guides their credit applications through the credit committees. Mare Oostdijk: "What this boils down to is that the member banks own these transactions. They make the profit and we simply charge them - at cost - for servicing the deals. We make it as easy as possible for them to offer their clients the package of products and services they need in any given country." Of course, the products member banks can offer their clients will be another key to the success of the cooperation, and International Services is quickly expanding its range of cross-border services. Another important addition is cash management, an anchor manager.That's why I also approached them with the request to arrange the financing for our new locations in Poland. Doing business internationally means depending heavily on the partners around you. In Rabobank we have a reliable partner with a strong international network." Cees Butter, Director Butter Groep "Butter is an international transport company. From a range of locations, we transport some 2.5 million tonnes of cargo a year. Rabobank has been our house bank for many years. I'm very pleased that I can also arrange all our international business via our own account THE WORD

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