INTERNATIONAL SERVICES: GOING INTERNATIONAL LOCALLY Since its launch in July 2008, RI's International Services (IS) has already notched up new business worth EUR 1 billion, and that is just the beginning of what promises to be a huge source of future growth. The IS offering is also proving to be a good platform for cross-sell on an international scale. Mare Oostdijk and Chris Abbenhuis RI's International Services exists primarily to help Rabobank's member banks in the Netherlands to service their clients, and to help them add value for those clients as they go international, says Chris Abbenhuis, Director of International Services. "If you can't follow your clients beyond the Dutch border, quite often they'll look elsewhere. Not only do you miss out on a lot of high margin business, it's also the first step towards losing all of that client's business." The truth is that Rabobank is not yet following its clients enough internationally, he says. "We have a fairly large share of internationally-active corporates in the Netherlands, but they do very little of their international business through Rabobank. Increasingly, small and medium- sized enterprises (SMEs) are now going international, and that's where we have a very large market share. If we don't take advantage of that we're cutting ourselves offfrom future growth." One of the biggest challenges is proving to the member banks that the services offered by International Services are working for their clients, since member banks are very reluctant to risk their best clients until IS can do what they say they can do. This is why they have now developed a new servicing model. Before, there was no central contact point, just a couple of Dutch desks, and they simply didn't have the right products. Mare Oostdijk, Head of Marketing and Market Development of International Services: "We've changed that dramatically. We now have international finance managers, who can answer any questions the member bank account managers have and can visit clients to let them know what we can offer. And we now have ISSUE 20 THE WORD

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