4 The main point is that we begin to establish systems where customers have an impact on the decision-making within the bank 9 Bouke de Vries: Employee involvement Internal Liability (Cross-Guarantee System) 'What went wrong and what can we do about it?' And we have to regain that trust - even if we have less explaining to do than some of our peers." Mertens agrees, noting that having a strong relationship with your customer makes entering into dialogue that much easier. "Talking to customers is about explaining what the bank can do to improve situations - and that's one of the cooperative's great strengths. We know our customers and, in business practices, we work hard to take care of them." In order to impart such values to the customer, however, you need to ensure employees understand them clearly. Mertens recognises the difficulty in spreading the message within an organisation as large, international and diverse as Rabobank. 'There isn't enough awareness of our values, even in the Netherlands. Staff are not completely sure about the meaning of the organisation, or how it works, but it's our job to change that." One of the fïrst steps is selecting the right employees, Mertens believes. "We need to make sure we select the right people. And by that, I mean we need to look beyond their skill set, and talk to them about their understanding of the organisation as a whole, and their willingness to work closely with customers, and for customers. My department organises education programmes and conferences to bring this awareness to life for local employees and governors. Although this isn't fully in place yet at Rabobank International level, we're working on training programmes. I firmly believe that educating international employees starts from having a strong belief in the cooperative ideas." Through their mutual financial association, various legal entities within the Rabobank Group together make up a single organisation. An internal liability relationship exists between these legal entities. This relationship is formalised in an internal 'cross-guarantee' system, which stipulates that if a participating institution has insufficiënt funds to meet its obligations towards its creditors, the other participants must supplement that institution's funds in order to enable it to fulfil those obligations. Participating entities within the Rabobank Group are: Rabobank Nederland (which indudes Rabobank International) The local Rabobanks De Lage Landen International B.V. De Lage Landen Financiering B.V. De Lage Landen TradeFinance B.V. De Lage Landen Financial Services B.V. Schretlen Co. N.V. Rabohypotheekbank N.V. Raiffeisenhypotheekbank N.V. The local Rabobanks are also parties to several compensation agreements whereby shortfalls of local Rabobanks with respect to equity, profitability, loan loss reserves and financing losses are financed by charging all other local Rabobanks. issue 20 THE WORD

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