Our F&A involvement stretches across the entire chainfrom ruralproducers the middle marketto the corporate market SECTOR SPECIAL FOOD AGRIBUSINESS Poland Australia/New Zealand 26 issue 19 APRH 2 THE WORD In Poland, the food processing and food retail and service sectors account for almost 9 percent of gross domestic product (GDP), significantly higherthan the European Union (EU) average of around 3.4 percent. Jacek Szugajew, Head of Corporate Banking at Rabobank Poland, explains that this represents an interesting opportunity both from the corporate lending side, as well as the private equity side. 'There are eight key F&A sectors in Poland: animal protein and feed, beverages, dairy, food and retail service, grain and oilseeds, processed food, sugar and ingredients, and others. These sectors have different characteristics as far as growth potential is concerned, but on average F&A industries grew Australia and New Zealand operates in five core businesses, with a renowned focus on the F&A sector, but also extending into the broaderfïnancial services market covering the entire food chain, from rural producers, to the middle market and corporate market. With an established market leading position in the F&A field, they have been voted the best agribusiness bank in Australia and have the most satisfïed rural clients in Australia and New Zealand. Neil Dobbin, Rabobank's Group Executive, Rural Banking, explains that although we have a well developed position in the market, by 5 to 15 percent annually, with retail, wholesale, and animal protein being the largest sectors," Szugajew says. From a banking point of view, a mix of lending, cash management, M&A and private equity services are the most attractive sectors, Szugajew believes. "If we look at the two Rabobank entities in Poland - BGZ and Rabobank Polska - we enjoy quite a good penetration as a combined entity. The challenge now, however, is that for some time the F&A sector was ignored by many of the other large players. It was viewed as being fragmented and not worth the effort, so that has helped us enjoy a comfortable position. Poland is a very interesting market, combining some of the characteristics of an emerging market (growth dynamics) with the stability of a business environment imposed by EU membership, and we are the ideal player to lead within the F&A sector."

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