Looking ahead to 2001 Rabobank Positive forecast for the new year Monthly newsletter for Rabobank International for internal t/^ I ex m 1 International Future outlook Ideas for export Controlled growth Perfect package Advertising expertise It's that time of year again - wben the bytllk presents its vietv of tbc (economie) world. Large numbers of clients and live ly debate, especially on Europe's poten- tial in the new economy were the higb- ligbts tbis time. More on page 3. We know that what you're all vvaiting for is a lot more information on what's what in RI and how the future is shaping up. Unfortunately, you'll have to be patiënt just a little longer. As we go to press, the operating model needed to complete our business plan for the next few years is re- ceiving its final touches. But it's not quite ready yet. To make it up to you, we're planning comprehensive coverage of all the ins and outs in our first issue of the new year. In this issue, we've got a lot for you. FAR has corne up with its new strategy for a fo- cused R1 (page 9). Our other focus, TMI, has the spotlight, with comments from our sector specialists around the world (pages 6/8). We also look at the trading company concept developed by our people in Chile and now exported to markets where the going would otherwise be tough (pages 4 and 5). We've heard a lot of about campaigning in the US recently. R1 North America has been doing some of its own - WNS carries ads for the very first time (10 and 11). The fact we have no deals this issue doesn't mean you're not hard at work - there will be a fresh erop after the holidays. As we sign off for this year, the people who make the magazine would like to wish you all a a very happy, healthy and successful 2001 round-up of 12 December's Forecast 3 from Cbile to Russia: the evolving trade company 4-3 a look into tbe who's, wby's and what's of TMI 6-8 FAR's new product offering 9 North America's innovative and creative marketing campaign lo-ii

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