Team work organization The managing board Running Rl is a tough proposition at any time. This is why Rik van Slingelandt has created a management team to work in tandem with the managing board. This new team of what will be familiar faces for most of you will concentrate on the day-to-day operations. Here's an overview of who's doing what. Rik van Slingelandt chairman Ralf Dekker member, managing board Wouter Kolff vice-chairman Rik van Slingelandt is chairman, with Wouter Kolff and Ralf Dekker as mem- bers of this board. All three partici- pate in the management team, and responsibilities are separated accord- ing to the following guidelines: Rik van Slingelandt - HR, finance control, risk, capital treasury mar kets and audit (RN) compliance; Wouter Kolff (vice-chairman) - corporate finance, Rabo Securities, commercial activities (F&A, TMI), international M&A, research, corporate development and legal fiscal (RN); Ralf Dekker - operations, IT systems development, IT infrastructure, and premises. 4 What'sNewS Issue 7 November 2000

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