in-brief Timeforfiesta Surfers at work Celebrating 25 years Upcoming events What'sNewS Issue 7 November 2000 The year 2000 has seen many celebrations - and PT Rabobank Duta Indonesia (RDI) has joined in the fun. This year marks the 10 year anniversary of our office in Jakarta, which opened as a joint venture bank and began opera- tions on 24 September 1990. An original staff of 30 employees has grown to close Where do you go when you surf the web? What's NewS has been asking around the network for your input. Here's a few tips we've gathered: From Bob Ole, national manager re- tail credit, PIBA Australia: 'All you need is - just type in r your query and it will search all search engines, and offer a listing of near matches. This is really the only site you'11 ever need.' And Mare Baseliers, treasury mar kets, RI Utrecht suggests: 'To access extensive information on risk man agement in the F&A sector, check iBKSr ïfasftó to 90 - an expansion reflected in the Jakarta office's ever-growing business in the region. To commemorate its 10 years and celebrate for the future, RDI organ- ized an outing from 23-24 September, at a beach resort in Anyer, Indonesia. The cele- bration, 'Fiesta on the Beach', was the cul- mination of a series of events that has taken place in honour of the anniversary. Events such as a Rabo Blood Donation, a Children's Drawing and Painting Compc- tition, and the Rabo Olympics were the build up to 'Fiesta on the Beach'. More than 250 party-goers enjoyed various games, competitions, dinner, dancing and live music. The celebration culminated with the presentation of the 'Ten Years Service Merit Award' to 15 employees, on staff since RDI's establishment in 1990 and who have played a crucial part in building RDI into what it has become to- day. 'RDI has certainly had its share of ups and downs through the years,' says Hans Winkelmolen, president director, RDI. 'While the effects of the economie crisis in Asia are still present, we're over- coming the challenges. We're committed to strengthening our role in the region - and we're proud that this office has November 1, 1975 was Sisca PHnck's first day on the job as Henk Visser's assistant - and 25 years later, she's still offering RI invaluable support. Since 1989, she has worked for Rik van Slingelandt. On her silver anniversary, Sisca celebrated with colleagues and friends who have known her through the years. Rabo Duta Indonesia's anniversary was no small birthday, with two days of celebrations and a review of what's happened and what's to come. Pictured left, members of RDI's staff take a moment to mark the occasion. ISO Seminar: Hot issues in Sugar, London, UK (Sugar specialist, Roger Bradshaw to present) v 29-Dec 3 Recent trends in Food Lipids, Gurgaon, India Forecast 2001Utrecht, the Netherlands Rahnh:» Rabobank International Global Conference on Animal Proteins, Naples, Florida For more information on F&A conferences, please contact Martha van den Berg. Additional info on Global Conferences and the Forecast can be obtained from Maarten van den Bergh. emerged as one of the strongest regional players in RI's Asian portfolio.' |See WNS April/May 2000 for more on Indonesia's eeonomy.l e«1-- sss out It offers current news, prices, charts, and trade analyses relating to farm risk management.' If you would like to contribute your onlinc destinations, please e-mail them to Mirjam Diepenbrock. Masthead Editorial Staff Coordination and Distribution Mirjam Diepenbrock, Marketing RI Managing Editor Anne Lavelle (The Write Company) Editors Naomi Lindt, Niall Martin, Lisa Petrie Editorial Address Rabobank International Marketing, US 710 P.O.Box 17100,3500 HG Utrecht Telephone +31 30 216 2433 Telefax +31 30 216 1976 Rabomail Design the write compan\Amsterdam Lithography Zetterij Niek van Dijk, Amsterdam Printing Drukkerij Cliteur bv, Amsterdam Please send address changes by e-mail to Mirjam Diepenbrock, Marketing RI What's NewS is complimentary for internal staff. Rabobank Group yearly subscription price, NLG 125

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