DGRI is o ff - RI is on Rabobank International The 10 commandments Teams in tandem Sweet story Evolving business Deals What'sNewS Straight talk in Singapo Ibi wake of the DGRI -ainioimceinciit. Rik van Slingelandt li moff to a scheduled me witb international P Rahoban\ers front ali K; tbe Asia-Pacific regio Hb/o/t be bas to teil is about F&ATM! anti focus tuul tben a little more focus... Check out tbe NetvS Flash for ftill details. Monthly newsletter for Rabobank International for internal use only Issue 7 November 2000 Corporate Communicatie Communicatie Beleid en Ond. UCR550 - IBhhhhmh BB lt lias been a long 12 months since the first announcement on a proposed joint ven ture between the German cooperative DG Bank and RI. A lot of time, energy, effort, soul-searching has gone into the process. And now, the phased integration process of DGRI has been stopped. However, DG bank will acquire 50% of Rabo Securities. A full report of what it all means was Flashed to you earlier. We trust it has given you the full picture of what hap- pened and where we go from here, a path whieh is, by the way, very clear and defined. The fact that you've had full coverage in the Flash means What's NewS can focus on what's been happening around the net- work. And it's a lot. Our standards on compliance have now been published page 3). A strong management team has been appointed for the day-to-day running of RI (see pages 4-5). We've hosted an- other of our top F&A conferences, this time on sugar and sweeteners (page 6). And the next phase in the focused F&A implementation strategy is on track. M&A people from all over the world put two heavy days into developing their of fering at an offsite in Holland (page 12). But the big news has to be that RI ends a turbulent year with its sights set firmly on F&A and TMI. Let's get on with it... worldwide compliance standards bot off tbe press 3 portrait of tbe managing board and managementteam 4-5 looking back on Barcelona 6-9 a progress report on F&A activities 1 o tbe latest from tbe network 1 1

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