RI - working the world Rabobank International UCP515 1 ex. Life-long perspective Country focus F&A update Deals iternational fQjf jntCmol U56 0 fl I ]f Issue 6 - October 2000 NewS When you're beavering away, working on your own and your customers' concerns, it's easy to lose sight of what's happening around the network. Our Asian offices went through tough times during the 'flu'. Thailand was especially hard hit, but it's hitting back, as our report shows (page 6). India is a different story. It managed to maintain growth even during the darkest days. Rabo India was launched with a bang last year. We ask what happens next on pages 4 and 5. There's so much happening in RI, it's rare for us to cover one of our sister compa- nies. But Interpolis, the Group's insurer, is ■oing great things in evolving its business from traditional assurance to a broader package of products that meets the needs of today's customer (see page 3 for this one). We've also asked London branch for the background on crisis management - their BCP plan covers every eventuality. The FAR team has been busy working on the follow up to the brainstorm session held in late June - we've got this story for you, too. As usual, deals are hot on our final pages, and we've got a run down of short news for you. Look out for our next issue - we cover the RI Global F&A Conference on sugar and starch sweeteners in full. Interpolis in focus 3 recent developments in India's food and agribusiness and a market update from our office in Bangkok 4-6 new directions in knowledge-sharing 7-9 Crisis management BCP tells you what to do 10 wbo's doing what, where and with wbom 11

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