e-commerce Electronic update While plans continue to pave the way into e-commerce, we take a moment to catch-you up on some of our existing initiatives - those products that were launched some time ago and continue to evolve to meet the needs of the growing e-marketplace. These initiatives are the stepping stones, the lessons learned - and will shape much of what RI's e-future will look like. Integrated business Future potential Intranet - Customer focus Phased approach Shared model 6 What's NewS Issue 5 August/September 2000 Up and running for more than two years, InSight's primary ambition has always been simple - to provide better ser vices for clients by understanding their business, environment and ambitions. To offer the most suitable financial solutions for users, InSight combines knowledge and cliënt management while proactively leveraging the resources available across the network. Driven by this goal to match clients' needs with the relevant knowledge and expertise in RI, the InSight team is in the process of up grading to Version 2. InSight was hrst developed as a pro totype for an F&A-focused audience of some 200 globally connected front office personnel. It was recognized as not just an IT application but, as Patrick Guyver, RI's program director for eBusi- ness and knowledge management says, 'as a system that was developed by the busi ness for the business.' A web-based desk top application was designed and built that provided global connection to users, offering F&A sector knowledge and ex pertise, product/market solutions and ba- sic Client Relationship Management and transaction support to provide a struc- tured and consistent approach to RI's clients. As our business becomes ever more de- pendent on technology, recent events have addressed the positive role InSight plays in our organization. At the Client Rela tionship Management Program early this year, InSight was discussed as a key op- portunity to better serve clients. And, at the F&A Workshop in June, discussions arose about the benefits and future of the product. As a common platform for dis- seminating valuable information and knowledge on clients, sectors and prod ucts, InSight clearly adds value to our business. Second, to encourage a cultural shift toward the 'networked culture', sup- FAR Knowledgebase Performance I business environment Knowledgepublishing Observation, idea Individual project cases Section Country assessment Performance Portfolio management analyzing tooi Monitoring analysis tooi Project performance returns port and commitment to the program by senior management was seen as crucial. Lastly, InSight's audience is expected to change - with plans to extend the resource base beyond the F&A sector to include Telecom, Media and Technology (TMT) and other areas of DGRI focus and interests. InSight's future will focus on supporting a customer-led strategy through more effi ciënt ways of organizing, working and communicating with and for the cliënt. Over the next few months, the InSight team will focus on business requirements in the areas of targeting, account and pipeline planning, cliënt MIS, compliance, monitoring, business-driven sector analy- sis and product and financial solution de- velopment. A key area of focus and an initiative supported by our IT teams, will be working to 'institutionalize' InSight by personalizing a user's desktop to match individual needs. 'We're developing a kind of "my Yahoo",' Guyver explains. 'Rl personnel will be able to select specific clients, sectors and products and receive regular updates for these items - a type of "my Rabobank".' The design of Version 2 - targeting a much wider user-group - began in early August with the kick-off of the first step in a three-phase approach. Working in co- operation with other business and IT ini tiatives, the InSight team will use inter views and focused workshops to examine RI's current information needs and sources, technology, infrastructure and applications, in phase one - 'what needs to be done'. Existing and future IT plans in other e-business applications will be reviewed, with a particular focus on MIS activities, web architecture and e-commerce initiatives that align with the outcome of the ongoing F&A and TMT workshops. A key task is to prioritize and globalize applications and processes, thereby mitigating the need for non-stan- dardized, regional or branch appli cations to reduce costs and enable a Standard global approach to informa tion needs, e-business requirements and ultimately the management of RI's clients. The second phase - 'how are we going to do it' - aims to translate the requirements produced in the first phase into a detailed blueprint. The final phase, the build phase, will focus on 'doing it' - quickly building the architecture, infrastructure and relevant Internet based applications, to ensure successful roll out in early 200 I 'To handle customer interactions consis- tently, and across departments,' says Guyver, 'ir's critical to build loyal, prof- itable customer relationships. InSight's fu ture is where clients and partners share (and trade) knowledge with the bank (See diagram). A number of financial in- stitutions have moved or are moving to- wards this model already. The InSight team will be looking at this in alignment with IT Internet platforms being developed. Send InSight questions or comments to fm.ul.insight@utc.rahohank.com

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