in brief Returning champions upcoming events new face 2 What's NewS Issue 4 June/ July 2000 f From 26 May until 4 June, the Wagener Stadium in the Amsterdamse Bos was the place to be for international hockey. The stadium was the site for the Rabobank International Champions July 22-23 'our de France, Paris, France Asia International Sugar Conference, Singapore (sponsored by Rabobank) Sail 2000, Amsterdam, the Netherlands World Potato Congress, Amsterdam, the Netherlands (sponsored by Rabobank) Sept 4-8 Oils and Fats International Congress 2000, Kuala Lumpur Sept 11-13 Functional Food and Beverages, London, UK Sept 14-15 Infrastructure of the New Value-added identity Preserve Production Chain, Chicago, US Asian Food Technology Fair, the Total Food Chain Trade and Networking event for Asia Rabobank International Global Conference on Sugar and Starch Sweeteners, Barcelona, Spain World Juice 2000, Amsterdam, the Netherlands Rabobank Nederland's Executive Board is welcoming its newest membei; Hans ten Cate, wbo will join the organization from 1 September. Ten Cate will work on shaping Rabobank Group's commercial policy on a national and international level, and will be responsible for corporate and investment banking activities. Ten Cate joins Rabobank after a long bistory witb ABN AMRO in various positions, including genera! regional director in Rotterdam and director of credits and special fhiattcing, bis current role. For more information on F&A conferences, please contact Martha van den Berg. Therese van Doeveren can provide additional info on sporting events. Masthead Editorial Staff Coordination and Distribution Mirjam Diepenbrock, Marketing Rl Managing Editor Anne Lavelle (TheWrite Company) Editors Naomi LindtLisa Petrie Editorial Address Rabobank International Marketing, US 710 P.O.Box 17100,3500 HG Utrecht Telephone +31 30 216 2433 Telefax +31 30 216 1976 Rabomail mirjam.diepenbrock" Design the wrlte com/mn.Amsterdam Lithography Zetterij Niek van Dijk, Amsterdam Printing Drukkerij Cliteur bv, Amsterdam Please send address changes by e mail to Mirjam Diepenbrock, Marketing Rl What's NewS is complimentary for internal staff. Rabobank Group yearly subscription price, NLG 125 Top players on the field: five-time winners, the men's team (above). Stephan Veen shows off the latest trophy (right) across the Netherlands forced an evacua- tion of the premises on 28 May and de- layed many matches, the Dutch men's and women's teams played as scheduled. At Rabobank's hospitality tent, we hosted about 300 guests everyday, and more than 500 at the finals. These guests were clients and contacts of the local member banks, Rabobank Nederland and Rabobank In ternational. And, our teams delivered the excitement of the week - both the men and women captured the Champion Trophy for 2000. This was a crucial vic- tory for the teams - as their next stop will be the 2000 Olvmpic games in Sydney. 'This event really demonstrates the truc spirit of Rabobank,' says Stephan Veen, captain of the men's team and player that scored the goal that won the trophy. 'Through teamwork and cooperation, we were able to secure a vic- tory. But there's also the clients - as spon sor to the hockey team and host to hun- dreds of clients, we are able to show Rabobank's continued commitment to customers and its investment in the com- munity.' Trophy 2000, attracting over 7,000 spectators a day. Wagener extendcd its seating capacity to 9000, meeting the high demand for tickets - even so, the stadium was sold out for several events While serious weather problems all

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