in brief didyou know Strengthening securities Strategie TMT What's NewS Issue 4 June/ July 2000 I f Financial market analyses can be sent to you and your clients elec- tronically on a daily basis. Brought to you by the Financial Market Re search team, daily updates on for- eign exchange and fixed income markets and economie develop- ments are available in the Public Folders, by email and on Monthly and special topic research reports are also offered via these media. Re search on exchange and interest rates is also available in Dutch on the Raboweb at and on the Internet at 'The Rabobank research group is always available for comments and advice on eco- nomics and market developments for colleagues and clients alike,' says Menno Middeldorp of the research team. If you or one of your clients would like to receive research via email, please send an email message to Liane Woezik with email address, name, organization and telephone number. Please indicate if you would like to receive the FX Daily, Fixed Income Daily and/or the Monthly Euro Outlook and specials. For more information please call +31 30 216 9642. ECB Watcher In efforts to expand its securities activities for private individuals, Rabobank has acquired the Effectenbank Stroeve. On 28 June, Wint van den Goorbergh, membcr of the Executive Board Rabobank Nederland and Hans Stroeve, chairman of the Managing Board signcd the agreement that enables Stroeve to further develop its core compe- tency and achicve acceler- ated growth. The acquisi- tion will provide customers with an even wider range of high-qual- ity securities services. Founded in 1818, Effectenbank Stroeve N.V. offers high-quality investment con sultancy and capita] management to pri vate individuals. In addition, the bank provides executive and administrative ser vices to independent capital managers (in- termediaries). The bank has 80 employ ees, with headquarters in Amsterdam and additional branches in Maastricht, Haar lem, Rotterdam, The Hague and Antwerp. Stroeve will continue its activi ties within the new structure with an em- phasis on investment consultancy for pri vate investors with substantial capital and services to independent capital managers. After the acquisition, private capital manage ment activities will be concentrated in Schretlen Co, the pri vate bank of Rabobank. Schretlen Co is the competence center within the Group for capital planning and capital management for private individuals and medium-sized institu- tional investors. Stroeve will continue its activi ties within the Group, alongside Schretlen Co, as a separate com petence center operating with its own identity, under its own name and management. The Group's securities services have grown spectacularly in recent ycars. The amount of capital managed by the Group rose front EUR 12 billion in 1995 to EUR 113 billion at the end of 1999. This growth can be explained by the rapid rise in the number of investors, sharply in- creased share prices and a number of ac- quisitions. The investment activities of lo- cal branches have likewise grown rapidly. The number of securities orders increased sixfold between 1994 and 1998 and the number of investors rose by 13% annu- ally. Tailoring to private interests: Amsterdam's Effectenbank Stroeve on the Herengracht 130 June 13 and 14 saw the first Asian Tele com, Media and Technology (TMT) strategy meeting, hosted by our Hong Kong office. Coordinated by Gerard van Kaathoven, global head TMT, discussions centered around relationship development plans for key regional players, industry trends, and formulating strategies that ac cess the growing and highly capital inten sive Asian TMT market. Industry special- ists, relationship managers, and product and risk managers from our offices in Hong Kong, India, Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, and Utrecht combine experience and diversity to create a team of experts. Following the agreed basic framework, a team from each country will prepare a de- tailed business plan, including alternatives to promote and reward cross-border co- Developing regional strategies: back - Wim Borgmeier (left), Ronil Sujan, Gerard van Kaat hoven, Berry Marttin; front - Naran Narendreth (left), Anitha Komanthakkal, Peter Tang, Marjon Wind, Frits Monking, and Richard Lee. Missing: May Wong Tung operation. These plans will then be Con solidated into a single report that will be sent to RI senior management for final discussion and approval.

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