Strategie implementation at work 1 kVf Product-centric Bottom up Clear goals Over 60 relationship managers, product specialists and support staff from all over the world gathered in the last week of June to take our food and agribusiness focus to the next level. The notion of an F&A focus is anything but new. However, this extended workshop and action program recognizes that different locations and regions have different needs. This is the first in a series of articles on the workshop and especially on its results. 14 What's NewS Issue 4 June/ July 2000 F&A cific products specialists. Rather, rhe idea was to make sure that everyone ul- rimately involved in delivering the RI franchise would learn and contribute. I he brainstorming exercise produced a number of key messages. Historically, eer- tain parts of Rabobank have created a cliënt perception of an F&A focus. We have also been successful in some parts of the world in delivery that lias met cliënt needs. At the sarne time, the workshop concluded, this is not broad enough and we are still lacking a comprehensive (ie. organization wide and infrastructural) best practice environment, such as the Management Information System (MlS)and Client Relationship Manage ment (CRM). The fact that the clear F&A focus has not been embedded throughout the network is cause for concern. In some parts of the world, focus has shifted away from F&A, resulting in a partly product- centric institution which tends to leverage internal resources, like our triple-A and balance sheet, rather than the deep knowl- edge-driven approach to our priority sec tor. No punches were pulled by participants working in smaller groups but bringing W r and regional sector, with some global players. So you have to implement your service policy very close to the customer. We have to be able to deliver what differ ent geographic markets need while at the sarne time building an F&A value propo- sition. That's what we've been working on this week.' The initial results of the workshop have been translated into a cluster of action programs which have been deadlined for September delivery. The coordination uch of the six-day event was about brainstorming. The idea hehind the workshop had been to bring together key people from the various components that allow us to offer service to cus- tomers in local, regional and global F&A markets. This meant that knowhow exchange was not limited exclusively to people in the sarne field, such as relationship managers or spe- together results on a daily basis. And that's what the organizers were looking for. 'This is the first time we've ap- proached our food and agribusiness from a truly bottom up perspective,' explains Hans Megens, managing director of global F&A and a member of the project's steering committee comprised of regional F&A and product specialist heads. 'The presence of people from all sides of the business will allow us to build a real F&A implementation plan that we believe will allow us to build our focus and delivery.' Delivery is a crucial issue. Ac- Six days in Scheveningen: Brainstorming, iistening, networking and exchanging ideas to take the food and agribusiness to the next level cording to Megens, we're often working far too far from the customer. 'I think everyone accepts that F&A is not a busi ness you can steer centrally,' he says. 'Ba- sically, we're talking about a very local

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