network efficiency rations Amid all of the structural and strategie adaptations now underway, business continues apace and recent weeks have brought a number of improvements within administration (operations and IT). What's NewS takes a look into the latest changes and IT system developments. Processenhancement Network upgrades Managing down Regionalization project First step Efficiënt function First, the operations performance in all branches has improved significantly. In Utrecht, the derivatives team contributed enormously to the LTIR swap book move front London to Utrecht. The transfer of all the related security positions front RNSS to Rl/Utrecht enables an optimized controlled environment. The Forex and Money Market l.oans operations team have made significant progress in upgrad ing their systems and processes, reducing the operational risk commonly associated with this business line to a great extent. l ondon, meanwhile, closed out its meet ing with external auditors, Ernst Young, who were very positive about the significant improvements in operational efficiency in the past year. The Middle Of fice completed a number of initiatives aimed at enhancing their existing processes, such as the automation of deal confirmations, and the automation of front to back Money Market reconcilia- tion between the Kondor+ and Atlas sys tems. Hrankfurt's project to transfer GED Administration to Rabo Securities pro- ceeded on schedule and Warsaw has im proved its reporting functions. hl the Antericas, New York has completed a number of initiatives which include the transfer of the Syndications Middle Office support team from structured finance to GEM operations, the establishment of the Nieuw Amsterdam Receivables Corpora tion, and the implementation of SWIFT confirmations for branch Money Market trades. Finally, in Southeast Asia, the US dollar clearing activities migrated from Bankers Trust NY to the Bank of New York (BONY), which will have the effect of reducing transaction fees and making it possible to more efficiently manage and control cash flows. Singapore has made progress in its effort to collect cliënt de- posirs under a restricted banking license that takes effect this October, while in Fokyo, the granting of a banking license will open the door for implementation of SWIFT. All of our offices throughout the R1 global network have been able to manage down their respective control exceptions, with the result that we have lower aged nostro items (or reconciliation irregularities), sus pense items, and outstanding interest claims. On the Administration side - which in- cludes GFM Ops, IT Development, IT In- frastructure, and Payment Services - there has been important progress in the Re gionalization project for the Antericas. All offices are to be served from the same pro duction and General Ledger systems from a central location in New Jersey. This will make it possible for the Americas region to upgrade all hardware and software through a single set of tests, rather than implementing changes separately for each individual location. The ultimate goal of the project is to ensure that all reports are derived from the same system, eliminating hundreds of inefficiënt ntanhours now spent manually creating these reports. Functional and technical team members from both North and South America are performing tests and preparing for the coming conversion for Rabobank Cu- ra^ao, set for late May. New York's Pro ject manager Anna Trost is coordinating the conversion of Olympic, Curagao's cur rent system, to IBS and Peoplesoft, the production and general ledger systems op erating in New York. Says Jaap Klep, General manager of Rabobank Cura^ao, 'by implementing a system that has al- ready proven successful in New York, we will intprove our service level and take a stride toward a common regional plat form. The goal is to bring all l atin Ameri can offices onto the same platform.' Also on the Administration side, we have seen the formation of a new line function, the Program Office for Administration (located in Utrecht), which is a joint activ ity of London and Utrecht to support both Project and Business Ghange Man agement. It supports in the monitoring and control of programs and projects, as well as underpinning a successful delivery process. All departments and branches within Administration can use the Pro gram Office for support of programs, pro ject monitoring and control, and the Busi ness Change Management process. Ifyou would like to receive NewS Flashes about Global Administrationplease con tact Hanka Wessels by e-mail or phone: +31 30 216 2083 What's NewS Issue 3 April/May

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