■wfflIJS in brief 1 New publication Cura^ao's new view Traffic transfer London calling - again Wilirli 2 What's NewS Issue 3 April/May 2000 With its recent restructuring and move to a new building, our team in Cura^ao has taken on a new perspec- tive. The reorganization and outsourcing of certain services is a move which Jaap Klep, general manager of Rabobank Cu- ra^ao, says has brought in a renewed sense of cooperation and purpose to the team. 'There's 15 of us,' explains Klep. 'Now, we work on the same floor and are ablc to work togcther much more effi- ciently. Team spirit has noticeably in- creased.' While the operating, control and audit, and credit departments are man- aged by the team in Curacao, private banking has been moved to Rabo Robeco Bank in Switzerland. The trust depart- ment has been partially outsourced to ATC, a local contpany on the island, while remaining under management in Utrecht and Switzerland. They're the first office to make the transi- tion to IBS and Peoplesoft, leading the way in the IT regionalization process in Latin America (see related article page 5). Per 1 May, 2000 FAR market studies and world maps can be obtaincd front Martha van den Berg. Van den Berg, mar keting officer in F&A Research (FAR), has taken over distribu- tion and sales of FAR's external publications front Shirani van Lenthe, who left Rabobank International after six years with marketing. Van den Berg also coordinates the internal commu- nication of F&A research, such as FAR LINK, the electronic monthly newsletter and the departments internal publications. Orders or questions regarding FAR materials should be di- rected to Van den Berg's e-mail, phone: +31 30 216 1178, or fax: +31 20 216 1920. Please note that FAR research rcports (with the exception of external publications, market studies and world maps) can also be found in InSight and in the MS Outlook Public Folder (all public folders/Food Agribusiness/03 Knowledge Base). External parties interested in obtaining these publi cations can alternatively place orders via www.rabobank.com/far Bringing in the new: the former building at Scharlooweg (left) and the new location This is all part of the tcani's efficiency drive, according to Klep. 'Creating this common platform will help us with our goals - increasing our capacities in off shore booking and providing top-levcl ser vices.' Rabobank Curagao provides a sub- stantial amount of off-shore booking to countries such as Chile, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Turkey and Switzerland - a port folio that is set to expand. As the team takes on the role of a 'good service' provider - offering operational bookings and reporting books, contbined with the country's tax advantage and bilatcral agreements, the potential for more off shore business is growing. 'With a dedi- cated team, better technology, and the re gionalization program, we're well positioned to attract new customcrs.' The new address of Rabobank Curaqao N. V.Zeelandia Office Park, Kaya W.F.G. (Jombi) Mensing 14, Curaqao, Netber- lands Antilles. Telephone and fax num- bers have not changed. Lines of communication are bound to get crosscd from time to time. While we try to keep our lines clear, this doesn't always hap pen. In our last issue, we gave you an update on new dialling codes in London. Here's the real update: there's now one London area code - 020, replacing the 0171/81. If the area code was 0171, add a 7 in front of the local nuntbcr. If the code was 0181, add an 8. This nieans our London office can now be reached at: +44 (0)20 7809 3000. Information about all the UK dialling cbanges can be found at www.numberchange.bt.com 1 1 'he Annual Report and Financial Statements 1999 JL are now available from Marketing RL These publi cations can be used as a marketing tooi to introducé the Rabobank Group to international financial institutions and corporate relations. If you haven't already ordered your copies, please contact Marketing Rl by phone: +31 30 216 2804 or fax: +31 30 216 1976. Masthead Editorial Staff (oordi nat ion and Distribution Mirjam Diepenbrock, Marketing Rl Managing Editor Anne Lavelle (The Write Company) Editors David Brown, Naomi LindtLisa Petrie Editorial Address Rabobank International Marketing, US 710 P.O.Box 17100,3500 HG Utrecht Telephone +31 30 216 2433 Telefax +31 30 216 1976 Rabomail mirjam. diepenbrock "utc.rabobank.com Design the te rite com/Hin\ .Amsterdam Lithography Zetterij Niek van Dijk, Amsterdam Printing Drukkerij Cliteur bv, Amsterdam Please send address changes by e-mail to Mirjam Diepenbrock, Marketing Rl What's NewS is complimentary for internal staff. Rabobank Group yearly subscription price, NLG 125

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