contents Floriade - planning ahead Rabobank International Dhr A.H.M. Veraart Europe's meeting point Improving operations Country focus Everyone's into deals Farewell to Gentis What'sNewS Monthly newsletter for Rabobank International fQf j fltCTil QI US6 011 ly Issue 3 April/May 2000 lt wilI be 2002 before the 10-yearly celebration of everything that grows opens to the public. You may think we're a little premature, but the reality is that if you want to bring clients to this fabulous event (three million visitors are expected to adrnire the whole range of agri, horti and floriculture), tlien you need to start organizing now. When it opens, the Floriade will have been years in the making because, as we all know, most things need time to flourish - like economie recovery. We've been asking our people on the spot how Brazil, Russia and Indonesia are doing, post- crisis (see pages 6 to 8). We've checked the network and found out you're doing some great deals - including the headline-making Tata transaction. On the operations side, we're reporting a cluster of improve- ments designed to increase efficiency page S). For the latest on the joint venture, check upcoming What's NewS flashes and newSventures - they'll keep you up to speed on what's happening. Until then, read on for a varied view of what's happening in RI. Bdejden0nd I ex F&A in the region 3 IT infrastructure upgraded 5 After the crisis - what's happening in Brazil, Russia and Indonesia 6 Business around the network 9 Looking hack on 30 years 12

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