London takes on >e US dollar Rabobank immunicatie Beleid en Ond. London hit E-commerce initiative Visser's farewell Country focus End of the millennium? Secure situation Deals, deals, deals International ifrr ifrf" 11 in 1 Monthly newsletter for Rabobank International for internaI use The STIR team is celebrating London Branch's appointment to the USD LIBOR panel. Now we contribute to five of LIBOR's seven prestigious panels... The rumour mill has long been specu- lating that DG-Rl's legal seat would be the euro-capital, Frankfurt. But as we go to press, the rumour has yet to be officially confirmed. While decisions on the joint venture's future are the hot topic of the moment, in this first issue of the millennium we still have a full What's NewS for you on a whole host of RI issues. We're extremely deal-oriented, reporting on suecessful transactions around the world that are true headline grabbers. Poland is one topper in this issue (page 7). We're also reporting on London Branch's LIBOR coup (page 13) and giving extensive coverage to develop- ments at Rabo Securities, which was in the news recently (pages 11-12). E-commerce also gets well deserved attention following the announcement of - check out page 3 for more info. One of our main stories covers Henk Visser's departure to pursue what he calls the second phase in his career outside the bank. Check out pages 4 and 5 for his reflections on RI. In addition to the serious business of closing deals and launching new initiatives, we also have a lot of what you could call bits and pieces - in briefs witli newsworthy tidbits for your information on what's happening in the network. online 3 Career highlights from the man behind internationalization 4 - 5 Poland moves into syndication 7 the final countdown - we promise 8-9 what's happening with Rabo Securities 11-1 2 who's doiitg what, where and with whom 14-15

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