North American treasure hunt •Lfi in brief contents V Rabobank Monthly newsletter for Rabobank International fot intCmOl US6 OtllV Issue 5 May 1998 i Australia's healthy outlook International Pooling Unico pages What'sNewS When 140 Rabobankers gathered last March in New York for the annual North fckmerican planning meeting, they were in for a surprise. Norrnally, these events involve an entire day of painstakingly- prepared presentations. This time, partieipants found them- selves embarking on a treasure hunt in the streets of Manhattan. Groups were ''5». I assigned a series of riddles that they could only solve by working in tandem, and the first team to solve their list of tasks won the event. This seemingly light- hearted exercise had a serious purpose. Reinier Mesritz, North America's general manager pointed out during his morning presentation that 'we're trans- forming our business into one that provides solutions rather than just individual products. To succeed, we're going to have to learn to interact a lot better in teams.' To this end. The Australian health care industry is fit and well thanks to the launch of Rabobank's medical equipment finance unit, Rabo •lealth Care Financial ervices. 'The diversification into health care is in line with our global strategy of beconting a niche player in the health care market,' says Equipment Financing Unit managing director Eric Shaw. The health care market worldwide accounts for over USD 2.2 billion in expenditure on an annual basis, around 2 percent of that representing Australia's contribution. A small percentage admittedly, although still significant in an industry experiencing a growth rate of over seven percent annually. 'The Australian health care •ndustry is highly regulated eith government dominating all levels of funding,' continues Shaw. 'It is one of the most advanced industries in terms of technology and information systems. Aside from being an exciting market, it is also one of the more stable from a risk point of view.' The team, headed by Peter Raines, is initially set to concentrate on Peter Raines, head of Rabo Health Care Financial Services (left) and Eric Shaw, managing director of Rabo Eguipment Financing Unit selected market segments, including medical research, hospitals, specialists and health care for the elderly. Within these areas, Rabo Flealth Care Financial Services will be working with leading equipment vendors such as Philips, Siemens, Johnson Johnson and Leica Instruments to ntake the latest technology in medical equipment available with innovative financial merchandising programs. Agreement has been reached between treasurers of nine Unico member banks on developing a series of interna] dealing sereens. The idea behind the arrangement is that Unico members can first deal within the Group before approaching the wider marketplace. During the next few rnonths, a Private Pages Network on Reuters will be established to provide listings of real-time quotes on money market facilities in DM and USD. RI is also looking at incentives to ensure full use is made of this arrangement. According to Bill Cuthbert, a suitable incentive would be the development of deposit netting protocols which will enable a the March gathering focused on several clear goals. The most important is to cut North America's credit- related income as a propor- tion of total revenue-mix from 86 to 68 percent within the next three years. At the same time cross-selling income should rise from 14 percent to about a third of the total by 2000. 'Our treasure hunt was a good way to underline the essential vision behind these goals, which is to be the most successful foreign bank in North America in our chosen industries,' Mesritz says. 'The key to success lies in develop ing a strong team spirit.' reduction in the capital required for short term money market dealing. The Unico Private Pages Network should go live eary sunimer. Wbat's the scoop in Wbat's NewS this Mayf Central and Eastern Europe RICO - country presentations 4 Special - decision-making and how it works at Rabobank 7 Deal of the month - growing into Vietnam 17 Media and telecom - new French connections 14 Corporate finance - reshuffling priorities 75 Talking heads - Tamas Simonyi on the hot seat 76 Jm v

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