RICO - Enabling MORE COOPERATION GPM - Integrated F&A I WORKING NOTES O 8 special WHAT'S News Issue 11 December 1997 What the global product managers have in store in their various business proposals is what you've been waiting for. But the density and scope of these plans (in spite of the fact that some of the new IB recruits have only been in the bank for five minutes) is too great to cover adequately here. In coming issues of What's NewS we'll be talking to each of the GPMs in depth and reporting back to you. Hope your appetite is whetted by this brief summary of main focal points. Michael Ice - Global fixed income and derivatives (FID) Michael Ice This GPM was very up front about just how competitive his specific field is. The ambition statement is clear - global FID aims to be amongst the most Arthur Arnold It wasn't all fun and games, of course even though the program gave a lot of attention to team-building activity, such as the afternoon spent crawling through, absailing down and mountaining biking round the former I 9th-century fortifications at IJmuiden, just up the coast from Noordwijk. The idea was sound, especially in view of the underlying message at RICO: teams are not just the immediate group you work with in your own office. Teams can include anyone, anywhere in the network with some added value to offer in creating solutions for customers. LOTS OF BUSINESS The now traditional final dinner with executive board special guest, welcomed Rik van Slingelandt, former head of the international division. 'You've really used the last two years extremely well,' he confirmed. 'And in fact banking today is not really too difficult. What will be harder is the creation of a financial services environment that will take us into the next century. At the rate you're going, that won't be too difficult. You've started to use solvency, but more importantly, you've started to organize and manage it.' TOTAL SUPPORT The only hard point Van Slingelandt had to make was the fact that no more cost overruns would be accepted. But these are not principle issues, he said, 'these are clearlv matters that can be worked out if you come to grips with them. And for the record, the whole executive board is right behind all your efforts, especially in RI's strong entry into investment banking. We support you 100 percent, no exceptions, no doubts, this is definitely the way forward.' BRINGING IN IB This brings us neatly to the hottest issue on the RICO agenda - investment banking, investment bankers, and how the very smooth sounding 'Rl - corporate and investment bank' will work on the work floor. There has been a lot of coffee machine discussion on IB. The talk does not concern Rik van Slingelandt food and agribusiness )- The message from the F&A people at RICO through business manager Peter Greenberg was loud and clear - integration, integration and more integration. Positioning was also a priority along with puiling to the surface all the tacit know-how that exists in our organization. A brief overview of the arguments. One of Greenberg's main themes would be the need for overlap - overlap between F&A clients and prospects and the search for financial solutions to their needs and the primary players who can achieve that - (senior) relationship managers, senior bankers, APFT, FAR and product managers. Every single international Rabobanker, whatever his or her area of expertise, wholeheartedly advocated the rapid introduction of the product ranges the people in IB will have to come up with in the very near term. Greenberg was no exception and in fact his presentation emphasized the interdependency between the various players. As IB is still something of an unknown quantity in the sense that there are clear plans and strategies on the table, but it will take some time before we see the practical

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