What's NewS RICO - TEAMBUILDING FOR THE FUTURE m •wv v Supplement for What's NewS December 1997 Four fuil days of talking, listening, debating, questionning, challenging and a healthy dose of plain team building fun - RICO 1997 had it all. The agenda was tight-packed and the presentations rich and dense. Rabobank International has clearly come a long way since the last time such a meeting was organized in the Dutch seaside town of Noordwijk. If delegates last year left with many issues and practicalities still unclear or unresolved, this year's gathering left them in no doubt as to where the future lies. Although our ambition statement is still in the making, it is clear that the vast majority of the organization has bought into the concept of creating customer value through our focus on building a knowledge-based financiai institution. Changing the culture within the organization is still ongoing. But, as Arthur Arnold said in conclusion: we've talked, we've communicated, we've exchanged ideas and views. Let's stop talking now and just do it. V -••-•wy-' zf --Wh l-,*i

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