FA&MIS SEMINAR France's FIZZY ACHIEVEMENT CARAÏCO, 6 in brief WHAT's NEWS Issue 11 December 1997 Last month, financial analysis and management information system (FA&MIS) had their second info- exchange seminar on annual and head office reporting. A total of 50 representatives front all international offices came together for advice and practical information about the 1998 changes in Dutch bank reporting, coming about due to moves towards European integration. Showing our commitment to networking, the seminar was successful in bringing together representatives from all corners of the globe. The enthusiasm of Singapore's senior account manager Julia Teo was just one exantple of how useful the seminar J was 'for future reporting processes, I collegiality and team networking.' And the feeling is mutual as Utrecht FA&MIS organizer Nicolette Kral continues: 'We must be doing something right - as a result of last year's seminar, the year end 1996 processing resulted in a 90 percent decrease of adjustments.' Visiting a member bank in thefamous Dutch townof Gouda, participants of the FA&MIS seminar from all corners of the globe. From left to right, hack row: Joop Mulder general manager Rabobank Gouda), Christiane Legat - France, Mariëlle Lichtenberg - Utrecht, Paul Hofmans - Antwerp, Bert Vernooij - Utrecht, Bert Wibbens - Gouda. Left to right foreground: Adri Triwitjahjo - Indonesia, Jennifer Sim - Singapore, Astrid Knoop - Utrecht, Louis van Moer - Antwerp, Jeroen van Dijk - Utrecht, Peter van den Ben - Gouda, Jan Koning - Utrecht, Julia Teo - Singapore, Liliane Dijkman - Utrecht, Peter van Aerle - Utrecht, Nicolette Kral - Utrecht, Umberto Ortelli - Italy. F.l.t.r. backrow: Arie Goedkoop - Gouda, Albert van Gulijk - Utrecht, Harold Rösler - Utrecht, Robert Kollar - Hungary, Peter Hendriksma - Utrecht, Bert Wibbens - Gouda. Foreground: Angelina Diaz - Mexico, Maria Gerold - New York, Yvonne van Lamoen - Utrecht, Kenneth Masterson - London, Edgar Wielhelm - Frankfurt, Antonio Ferreira - Brazil, Andreas Stutzer - Switzerland. Left to right, background: Jan Klaver - Gouda, Bert Wibbens - Gouda, George Klören - Utrecht, Ingeborg Spielmann - Frankfurt, Michael Strohmeier - Frankfurt, Jos Savelsberg - Utrecht, Dai Jian Yang - Shanghai. Foreground: I Tammy Ngo - Australia, Tina Sugiro - Indonesia, Daniela Sabucco - Luxembourg, Sharon Clancy - Guernsey, Akke Kalsbeek - Madrid, Corinne Piastrelli - Luxembourg, Connie Lum - Singapore, Andrej Chuchla - Poland, Menno Kleijburg - Utrecht. Groupe Robeco, based in Paris, is proud to announce its official transition into Banque Robeco. The new move gathers all securities into one institution and offers their retail clients and prospectives a wider range of products and services. For more information contact head of Communications Juliette Monteils at Banque Robeco, telephone +33 1 5535 4535. looking ahead December 1-4 PlealthCare Conference, Apeldoorn 8 Forecast 1998, Utrecht Market studies BeefA/eal Our Paris mergers and acquisitions team was key advisor in the sale of Klein Wanner, one of Heineken's French subsidiaries. The team, made up of Jacques Ropartz, Marine Pauget and Régine Cayzac, advised partner of the brewery-giant Brasserie Fischer (annual turnover of FRF 1.5 billion), to sell Klein Wanner - a company best known for bottling and distributing syrups, liquors and spirits. The subsidiary is now wholly owned by French Michel Picard SA (turnover FRF 520 ntillion), one of the premier Burgundy vineyard PLANTEUR t "UNCHArULPI «ruKfutocfnurr owners and now leading company in the bottling and distribution of Burgundy wines. Additionally, in line with international ambitions, Michel Picard has created a 50/50 joint venture with Brown Forman to distribute brands into the US, Canadian, Mexican and Caribbean markets. A sample from the product range of Klein Wanner, Heineken 's French subsidiary.

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