k Room TO GROW NEW FACES ^nimiiin 2 short news WHAT'S NewS Issue 11 December 1997 mi is ii jtr" :i «Iliii R SS li IS .Tiii Our new colleaques (f.l.tr.): Uri Sky - New Vork, Irene Chong - Singapore, Doug Zylstra - Chicago,Tony Lam - Hong Kong.Michael Wolff- Frankfurt,Andrea Giordano- Milan, NancyTjahjono - Jakarta,Santiago Aranguren - Madrid,GladysVue- Hong Kong, Yeo Woei Kuen, Singapore, Kevin King - New York, Fony Limengan - Jakarta, Anja Pater - Utrecht, Bill Baird - San Francisco, Adam Johnson - London.Terrell Boyie - Atlanta, Mare Sebag - Paris, Ron van den Brink - Rabobank Apeldoorn and Ed Smith - Edinburgh (missing from the picture are Claudia Thiel from Hamburg and Frankfurt's Oliver Wolter). Luxembourg is on the move - and apparently it is about time too. The original building with its near 100 staff was bursting at the seams. 'Five years ago we were with 28 employees,' says operations manager Adrian Whiteman, 'with an office to suit. Now we've grown to almost 100 and we were crammed in like sardines.' The new modern-look building was designed by one of Europe's leading bank architects and reflects our customer focus strategy, as 'number one concern for the new building Computer design of Luxem- bourg's brand new premises. was cliënt comfort and customer service driven,' confirms Whiteman. Management would also like to take their hat's off to staff who have patiently endured the difficult working conditions for so long. Incidently, Luxembourg's postal address and general switchboard numbers stay the same. MONKEY BUSINESS October's cliënt relationship managers meeting saw 19 new faces from around the network coming to Utrecht for their week long initiation. Far from monkey business, the member bank visit this time was to Apeldoorn, where the new recruits called on their cliënt Apenheul, the monkey zoo. people Brazil Erik Peek is stationed with the APFT team in Brazil as senior project manager. Germany Valerie Schlegel has been promoted head of European equity warrants.The risk analysis department has a new head in Erik Struss. Jürgen Scharnowske head of structured equities left the bank. Hong Kong new deputy general manager and head ofcorporate and commercial banking is Johnson Fu. Daniël Chan has been appointed senior manager operations. Mark Cheng and Rose Cho are appointed as account managers in the corporate banking department. In the treasury department Ben Masthead Editorial Staff Editor in Chief:NoorTania-Stein (Marketing Rl) Managing Editor: Anne Lavelle (Write Company) Editors: David Brown,Samantha Dobson Production: Len Fraser (RN Editorship) Editorial Address Rabobank Nederland, EO 516 P.O. Box 221,5600 MA EINDHOVEN Telephone: +31 (0) 40 217 50 09 Telefax:+31 (0)40 217 71 36 Rabomail: Rabo Magazine@ico_ef@comm Internet: Rabomagazine@rn.rabobank.nl Design and printing by Hoonte Holland bv, Utrecht Please send address changes to the editorial address. Kong has been appointed as senior dealer FX and Alvin Li as head of fixed income and derivatives. Private banking has new colleagues in Anthony Ho as investment manager and May Wong as senior credit risk officer. Former investment manager of private banking Veronica Lim left the bank as well as Dutch Desk manager Jennifer Chan and account manager Clarissa Wong. New to Rabobank Investment Management Ltd. is Philippe Legrand as executive director. Indonesia AdriTriwicahyojoined the bank as manager accounting and financial reporting. The Netherlands Jeroen Scheelbeek joined the bank as senior account manager F&A. Ben Huiskamp takes up the same position. Before Ben was stationed with the agri project finance team in Singapore. Corporate finance has been extended with Gilles Boumeester as manager structured finance and Sabina Goertz as senior financial advisor M&A. Maarten Garvelink and Gonneke Heerkens are appointed as advisors M&A. Engel Koolhaas has been appointed with APFT. Engel comes from the aerospace and export finance team.The media and telecom team has a new colleague in Marjon Wind.soon to be advisor. Claus Verbrugge, from account management transport and logistics,joined RIAS as senior project officer. Pieter Zwart rejoined the transport and logistics team.after being for some time working with the middle market account management team.Ton Elshof joined the international trade finance team.Ton comes from the middle market team. Coen Weerkamp has been appointed senior dealer FX and Derivatives. Ronald Dirksen of structured finance and Hanneke van Rhijn of corporate banking left the bank. Poland former operations manager Piotr Czarnecki is now responsible for the corporate banking department. Andrzej Chuchla has been appointed as new operations manager. Singapore In the treasury department Alicia Cheng Oi Lai has been appointed senior corporate sales executive. Marcus Lee has been appointed manager within the structured finance department. UK Michele di Stefano has been appointed head of global FX. Within investment banking Mark Blundell has been promoted head of global financial institutions relationship management. Ruut Schalij has been promoted head of european fixed income and derivative trading. Ruut comes from Utrecht branch where he was head investment banking. Mark Zucker^ is investment banking's new head of global credit management. Laurence Bouniard is the new associate director with fixed income and Zara Pratley the credit sales executive credit spread trading. MTN's David Vander is the new busines manager global short term investment rate products and Matthew Steiner assistant director global equity derivatives product development.EricVan de Peer has been transferred from Antwerp to London as associate director structured trade finance. Leon Hindle is the new lawyer in the legal department. Vietnam Wong Lai Han has been appointed senior officer credit administration. USA In New York Jim Peers has been appointed chief financial officer. New chief operations officer is Bill Padula.

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