Miracles and magic O 14 special What's NewS Issue 11 December 1997 focus orientation on efficiënt, high-quality cliënt execution using the best systems and research. This area is perhaps the most immediately interesting for the rest of the Group, and member banks are already looking to Grubb and his people to create products and opportunities for their customers and needs. IEB has defined a number of key interactions on which they will be working, including: Marcus Grubb GED for trading, risk management, selling and research F&A network for origination and research Health care and other sectors for origination coordinating merging market fixed income Rabo Securities for selling, research and back office support money markets for funding and custody. This is just a very brief summary of the presentations given by the five GPMs. FINAL CONCLUSIONS We finish here as we started. We finish with Arthur Arnold listing a number of key areas to work on. They are different from last year, more refined if you like, more subtle. Summing up, Arnold concluded that what we all need now is: genuine F&A equity researchers are being recruited to improve interactivity between the relationship managers and product specialists. communication, clarity in communication, trust, commitment to building Rabobank into a professional i bank in all our niche C 1 specialized disciplines. Last but certainly not least: 'We've done all the talking, and maybe even too much,' he said. 'What do you say? Let's just do it.' Nobody actually cheered, because the setting wasn't fit for that, but it feit like that. administration You could be forgiven for thinking you'd got the wrong conference report, but no, this was the title of Henk van der Stelt's presentation on global administration. For his people around the world, he noted, either they are providing miracles and magic every day, or their colleagues throughout the rest of the bank are expecting them yesterday. High on Administration's priority list at present is, unsurprisingly, the millenium. This problem will not go away and people are working flat out to ensure our whole operations and IT organization makes a smooth transition. Although a one-off problem in company with numerous others as the bank shifts into gear of heightened investment banking activity.Van der Stelt explained that it was devouring highly skilied people, preventing them working on solutions to other needs that, of course, everyone wants yesterday. Another problem that is on an immovable deadline is the Euro. 'Both these projects are still underestimated in terms of human resources and focus,'he says.'We're behind in our planning and already in the red danger zone.' CHALLENGING ENVIRONMENT While these are clearly defined projects, global administration is facing another challenge which is rather more abstract. Ongoing advances in IT is changing dramatically the environment in which we operate. 'We have to Henk van der Stelt develop a thorough understanding of that new environment and the implications of the new parameters in which we work.' Administration is working on the basis of a business driven planning process. Although there is still much to be done, progress has certainly been made as our global IT update (see page 18) shows. As the January issue of What's NewS will provide extensive cover on the Administration strategy paper, we'll give you the full picture then.

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