Performance management FOR THE FUTURE O V-» T)^A- yCA*- Ua^ca, V. 12 special WHAT'S News Issue 11 December 1997 methodology (netting centralized facilities) efficiënt use of capital resources With a list of 'To do's' this long, Di Stefano and his still to be recruited team will have their work cut out. But their stragegy is already on paper and is comprehensive in leveraging off existing relationships within the Rabobank Group, including corporate finance and private banking. It also involves becoming a 'skillful player' in the Euro and emerging markets, although Di Stefano is quick to point out that the former's introduction may mean less currencies, but it does not mean less volatility. A knowledge-driven approach is also included as crucial to success in developing into what the FX people see as a client-driven business focused on global institutional investors and large corporates. Teym Eliazov - Global equity derivatives (GED) Eliazov's global equity derivatives mandate is to trade OTC and listed Teym Eliazov equity derivatives through retail and (worldwide) exchange distribution channels. building up their P/L. This is clearly a principle issue, but much of the discussion related to how the integration - on whose necessity there is real consensus - can be achieved in practice. STRAIGHT TALKING The argument went back and forth on definitions of communication and how it could be improved. How we can assimilate comparatively large numbers of a rather different breed of banking professionals into the existing organization in the best possible way and without emerging at the other end with a 'them' and 'us' culture. Michael Ice asked for time. 'We're very, very new to Rabobank,' he said, 'take the Gijs van der Scbriek time to get to know us better and if you do, you'11 see our commitment is as genuine as your's.' But he also asked for straight talking: 'Even before we came over to Rabobank, we talked for months about how to construct the universal bank of the future. One thing is sure. You can't create it without change. Come on guys, you know that as well as I do. And having been here for all the presentations, don't say what we want to do is not clear. Say you don't like it. But don't say it's not clear.' KNOWLEDGE BASED It was perhaps Gijs van der Schriek who expressed most people's primary concern. '15 years ago,' he said, There is a video film with highlights from RICO - it will be sent to all international offices in early December. human resources The implementation of a comprehensive performance management system has long been awaited. At RICO a whole morning of the conference was reserved for the presentation and explanation of a Towers Perrin basic system which has been tailored to fit Rl needs. RI's Flip Goudsmit provides a brief outline. If Rl is to achieve its core ambition of customer focus and value,then a cultural shift within the organization is essential to realize the kind of long-term cliënt relationships which will carry us well into the 21 st century. In order to create an internal structure which can help deliver the necessary performance, a clear line of sight between what we do as individuals and the realization of overal business goals.The key here is the so-called performance management. Each person needs clear roles and objectives so that progress can be measured, training can be planned and development needs met.Working with Towers Perrin, a recognized authority in this field, Goudsmit and his people have come up with the Performing for the Future system (PFF). COMMON LANGUAGE The fact that explaining the ins and outs of the system took a whole morning led to some typical grumbling that it will be too complex for practical application.'Yes,the system is quite complex,'confirms Goudsmit, 'but l'm not sure that's a bad thing. It would be unrealistic to launch something so comprehensive without accepting that people need time to get used to it.What we are talking about here is not simply a basic appraisal system, but a common language covering roles, standards, performance, competence. We're talking about a system that will give us the common vocabulary to generate the performance to deliver our customer focus strategy. If you're planning to learn a new language, you don't expect to be fluent overnight. It's the same with PFF.' ROLE PROFILING While the conference pack to support Goudsmit's presentation was by far the thickest of the whole conference, it was laid out in a clear and concise fashion, making it easily accessible to the interested reader.The

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