Talking trade m°nt HLY INTERNAL NEWSLETTER FOR RABOBANK INTERNATIONAL Issue 10-November 1997 Rabobank International What's NewS In the early days - not too long ago - the handful of trade finance people from around the world met annually for a two-day meeting, often in part conjunction with account managers. These days, 5 members from dedicated trade and commodity finance teams around the world come together for their conference. October 1997 was no exception. The usual networking opportunities were again high priority, but the conference itself had been structured to focus on structure. Shafik Gabr of International Trade Finance says: 'In line with the ongoing implementation of our customer focus strategy, the theme of this conference was how to meet the often very specific needs of customers and how to become increasingly proactive in creating tailor-made solutions.' According to the conference, the key to achieving the latter is knowledge and the program reflected our growing appetite for gaining new know-how through the use of external experts alongside our own specialists. Among the guests invited to share very specialized knowledge of added-value disciplines were Neil Galletti of Lloyd Thompson, the (re)insurance brokers and Maurice Drage of Exporters' Insurance Company (EIC). The message was that factoring insurance for a whole range of risk, including confiscation, war and a host of others can add value in a structured trade and/or commodity finance solution. More on page 6. in brief GROUP POWER At a recent food and agri policy committee meeting, a F&A product development reference group was established globally place members ^^iround the network. According to F&A business manager Peter Greenberg, 'it's all about communication. The idea is to help implement our customer focus strategy by informally tapping into the experience and expertise of our global F&A marketing platform. The new group can communicate to the network innovative and ROS- friendly deal structures that may be applicable in more than one location.' The new product development group consists of Peter Greenberg, Guus Rozendaal, Wilfried Mulder and Thos Gieskes from Utrecht, Ben Davies London, •klancy O'Connor New York, loger Bradshaw Hong Kong, Implementing our customer focus strategy, left to right: Carol Harding (South Africa), Jdnes Bogakin (Budapest), Izabel Salvucci (Brazil), Jan Remie (Utrecht) and Sundram Thiagarajan (Singapore). Yong Meng Singapore, Paulo Bellotti Sao Paulo and Ab Gillhaus in Sydney. M&A CLOCKING UP CLIENTS Our Rabobank International London branch co-hosted a major food and drink conference last month. The conference, held annually in London, was jointly sponsored by Rabobank International together with Acquisitions Monthly, the UK based monthly M&A magazine regarded by many as the 'bible' for the M&A industry. According to London's M&A director John Cripps, 'the conference is something of a prestigious event, previous years have been sponsored by the international merchant banks Lazard and SBC Warburg together with the management consultants OC&C. Co-hosting provided a lot of positive exposure for Rabobank. It attracted over 100 attendees, mainly executives from F&A companies of all sizes from all over Europe, including Russia.' The conference included a cocktail party attended by the speakers and senior members of Rabobank, including Wouter Kolff, Henk Gentis, London's general manager Gijs van der Schrieck as well as members the mergers and acquisitions team. Networking at London's M&A conference, left to right: Paul van der Wel (c.e.o. Meneba), Gijs van der Schrieck and Henk Gentis. contents ANOTHER MONTH OF WHEELING AND DEALING IN WHAT'S NEWS. Working with Nutreco banking that is nochild's play 3 Investment banking seeing opportunities not threats 4 Frankfurt special disclosing Rabo Deutschland 7 Currency crisis - how we're holding up in the Far East 12 International cash management - new policy framework 13 Rabo Olsen - the latest on what's happening and who's involved 14 Talking heads - Flans Flannaart goesto India 16

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