m Meet the Guernsey team... Qj Qj <0 8 special What's News Issue 9 October 1997 A Carol Friend (left), Chantelle Arundell and Liz Morellec gatbering team spirit. A Tony Blondel in the spot light. management, Van Beek's role is very much marketing of the bank's Guernsey offering. 'Trust is one service we have here and which I believe will grow tremendously over the coming years,' he says. 'Michael and his team will teil you exactly what a trust can offer (see sidebar). This instrument is becoming more popular, but it is still not a widely known or used tooi. We have an advantage in that traditional private banking countries like Switzerland and Luxembourg don't have the special legislation that make trusts so attractive. That is why they come to us or to Jersey. So you get a situation where the banking may still be done in Zurich, but the trust construction takes place here.' ON THE MAP Oddly enough, the fact that the best possible return on those assets, so we have to be very competitive in both pricing and service.' So how does the private banking win new clients? 'I think all our private banking colleagues around the world would agree that word-of-mouth is one of the major - and best - ways we acquire new clients. If you can build a cliënt base in that way, then you must be doing something right,' says private banker Ian Giles. 'But we're also trying to do more marketing through the network as well - Ronald has been travelling a lot lately to put us on the map.' BANK SECRECY Of course, both Guernsey and neighbouring Jersey have built a real reputation as private banking and offshore centres. Among the reasons for its those funds with us,' Carvill confirms, 'then not only Rabobank, but I believe every other bank in the island would turn it down. It is that kind of business style which gives customers confidence.' CUSTOMER APPROACH Fionnuala and Ian have been at the heart of reorganization which got off the ground early this year. 'What we've done,' they explain, 'is regroup our people to make even better use of their skills.' Rather than imposing a strict division between front and back offices, Guernsey has interwoven both tasks to create a solid, but flexible support group to handle customer needs. 'If we make any distinction at all, then now it is between cliënt support and bank support,' says Chris Corbin who heads up the bank MATTERS OF TRUST Dating back to the middle ages, the trust has long been a typically Anglo-Saxon method of protecting assets. But, as the trust team in Guernsey explains, the concept is catching on around the world. What is a trust? Why could it be interesting for potential and existing private banking clients? And how does it work? Our trust experts Michael Jephcote-Wareham, Jacqueline Hunterand Brendon Francis have all the answers. Guernsey also appears to be that a good private banker m knows back-office procedures.™ 'Personally, I'm a great believer in thorough know-how right down the line,' Carvill agrees. 'So we hope that cliënt support will prove a route for our Online witb Nicolla Tanguy and Sharon Clancy (front). Y our trust people are very successful does not automatically mean a sinecure for the private bankers one floor down. 'We have to work very hard to win their business,' says head of private banking Fionnuala Carvill. 'Just because they have assets under management doesn't mean we will get the mandate to handle them. As trustees, they are legally obliged to get success are 'bank confidentiality and tight regulations,' says Carvill. 'Reputation is everything and the industry here is focused on maintaining that reputation.' Banking authorities and the banks themselves are continually alert to possible attempts at money laundering and fraud. 'If someone were to walk in here with a suitcase full of cash and ask to deposit support side and is also responsible for IT. The role of cliënt support speaks for itself, but the team is also keen to promote more cliënt contact through increased efficiency. 'The restructuring and the enhancement in system applications mean we are now better positioned to approach customers proactively than before,' says Carvill. At the same time, the consensus in people here into positions as private bankers.' There may be a need for more when Guernsey's increased marketing efforts around the network begin to pay off. With a new staff structure in place and a firm commitment to a niche market and to trust activities, the bank in this special jurisdiction is perfectly positioned to grow its business.

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