Guernsey l/Vhat's Private banking L CHANNELS Supplement for What's NewS October 1997 A single five-story high-rise in the old harbour of St Peter Port is home to Rabobank International. What's NewS dropped by to find out about private banking Channel Island style. In the stiff early-morning Channel breeze the masts of countless sailing boats moored in the harbour rustle like so many wind chimes. The picturesque harbour boasts the town's sole roundabout to handle the occasional increase in traffic and here high rise means a five-storey building. Cute whitewashed fisher cottages flank the steep streets giving the whole place a picture postcard look. But as business hours approach, the old harbour begins to fill with people. Not tourists in casual clothes. These are power-suited professionals equipped with laptops and mobile phones who move with determination towards the same cute whitewashed cottages and low- rise buildings. A peak inside reveals Reuter sereens and the kind of security more usually associated with Switzerland. Because this is, of course, Guernsey. BUSINESS AS USUAL In spite of the almost holiday atmosphere in the mid- morning streets, there is Ireland The Netherlands Guernsey Germany Belqium France Morocco nothing relaxed about the activity or the dress code at the bank, or in the offices of other private banks glimpsed briefly in passing through ground- floor windows as they traverse the small town. Once inside Holland House, and if you can Working hard to win business, from left lan Giles, Fionnuala Carvill and Moira Sermon. Dropping in on Rachel Gallienne and Ronald van Beek. ignore the view of St Peter's port, then Guernsey branch is very much Rabobank business as usual. But, perhaps, with a difference. In the past few months, the bank has been focused on a reorganization whose aim is to bring more staff into direct contact with clients so that a new pattern of customer service emerges. The idea is very much to ensure team work in producing the end product for customers. SPECIAL LEGISLATION In Guernsey, Rabobank and Rabobank Trust positions itself as a quality niche player specializing in a relatively small number of products. However, explains managing director Ronald van Beek, 'in that respect, we're not vastly different from the other players here or in Jersey- and they are all here. What we have to try and do is distinguish our services. You do that by providing quality service all the way down the line.' Aside from the usual activities associated with a position as general manager and handling investment

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