New faces First senior banker 2 short news What's News Issue 9 October 1997 In brief )- A new inflow of management trainees have arrived in Utrecht. From left to right: Elies Fongers, Karin Kupzok, Othmar ter Waarbeek, Martijn Mouwen, Lydia Zeijlemaker, Stephan Veen, Lonneke Arntz, Flans Bevers, Alexander Cauberg, Robert Reekers and Geert Beekhuis. people Argentina Alejandro Reca has been appointed senior member of the Latin American research team based in Buenos Aires. Germany Klaus-Oliver Wolter has been appointed account manager health care within corporate finance in Frankfurt. Netherlands Cees Smit is new to sales international equity derivatives while Hans Honig fills the position of senior salesman derivatives. Gert van Oss also joins the structures and funding team, within investment banking. Former management trainee Cathelijne van der Woude has been appointed account manager with the transport logistic and automotive team. Mirelle Pennings made a move from account manager to relationship manager financial institutions. Another announcement from head office - Hans Smits of Luchthaven Schiphol is to be vice- president of Rabobank's executive board as of 1 May 1998. Peter Coffeng has left the private banking team. Bas Kraaijveld also left the organization and Dick de Bruijn has left Rabo Securities. France Séverine Colas des Francs joined the F&A team as account manager in charge of the milk dairy sector. Singapore Joyce Chew Ghim Suan joined Rabobank Asia as first vice president. Birgitte Hautvast has been appointed account manager corporate and structured finance and Rosalind Hui W Y has been appointed senior manager for derivatives operations department. USA Jacques Rijsenbilt has been 01 Cf 0, Three cheers for the champions. FIRST IN HISTORY Dutch under 21 women's hockey team, sponsored by Rabobank International have for the first time in history won the world title at the championships in Seoul. appointed manager treasury accounting with the New York office, he comes from network development and support. Mario Lotufo has been appointed manager of the FX and MM desks. He comes from Rabobank Cura^ao. UKThe global investment banking management team has been reinforced with Bill Cuthbert as global head of short term interest rate products, Tim Eliazov as joint head of equity derivatives, Marcus Grubb as global head of international equities brokerage and Michael Ice as global head fixed income. existing and prospective - and will be fully accountable for the development of our underlying cliënt portfolio. The senior banker will cooperate closely with senior relationship and product managers as well as forming specific deal teams around selected clients; effectively forming profitable transactions while at the same time creating customer value. The position will also ensure clear lines of communication between the various management teams and policy committees. Robin Bargmann is the first appointee. According to Arthur Arnold, his appointment is 'another example of getting ourselves Robin Bargmann has been appointed senior banker for Europe, effective 1 September. For some time this role has been discussed as a means of increasing our market share with larger European corporate clients, in line with RI's recently developed customer focus strategy. The senior banker will have ultimate responsibility for a selected number of top corporate clients - both Robin Bargmann enjoying his role as our first senior banker. (what's in a word) The trust business has its own jargonese and terminology - here's the basics. Settlor this is the original owner of the assets transferred to the trust.The settlor continues to exert influence on the trust through a letter of wishes which can be changed with the minimum of formality. A trust can also be seen as a kind of International Will. Deed of trust the document in which the settlor lays down his/her wishes, stipulations and the terms of the trust as well as the beneficiaries. Trustee this is the trust's manager, the person(s) who not only accepts a professional and legal obligation to manage the trust, but also a moral one. Beneficiary - name says it all. This is the person who receives the benefits generated by the trust and its trustees. Although beneficiaries can change over time, ie. the trust can pass from generation to generation, continuity is ensured as a trust can remain in effect for up to 100 years. Masthead Editorial Staff Editor in Chief:NoorTania-Stein (Marketing Rl) Managing Editor: Anne Lavelle (Write Company) Editors: David Brown, Samantha Dobson Production: Len Fraser (RN Editorship) Editorial Address Rabobank Nederland, EO 516 P.O. Box 2215600 MA EINDHOVEN Telephone: +31 (0) 40 217 50 09 Telefax:+31 (0)40 217 71 36 Rabomail: Rabo Magazine@ico_ef@comm Internet: Design and printing by Hoonte Holland bv, Utrecht Please send address changes to the editorial address. organized, of achieving customer intimacy at the highest possible level'. As a consequence, Hans Megens will take over Bargmann's responsibilities in the Utrecht management board.

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