c IAMA - vision FOR GROWTH PRESIDENTIAL BANQUET D CONGR Rabobank International What's NewS Monthly internal newsletter eor Rabobank International Issue 7 July 1997 Jonathan Taylor, one of the previous presidents of IAMA thanks Herman Wijffelsthis year's president. The International Food and Agribusiness Management Association may not be very old - Jakarta and our people there played host to only the seventh international congress. But IAMA's scope and membership is already global and growing. This year's conference - which marked the end of Rabobank chairman Herman Wijffels' presidency of the association - took on a challenging theme: 2020 A global vision for agribusiness, food and fibre. The underlying rational for this apparently wide-ranging topic was simple statistic: the world's population will have doubled by 2020 and all these new mouths will have to be fed. As one participant commented: 'World food summits provide "feel good" opportunities for governments, but governments don't feed people: the food industry does.' Wijffels continued by pointing out in his opening address: 'In our use of existing and new (bio)technologies and generic engineering, we have to choose those that are ethically acceptable and safe for consumers. That is why it is so important for all players in the global industry - business, academie and policy makers - to gain a big picture perspective on worldwide developments in the food industry and especially on the emerging markets of Asia.' More on page 3 in brief contents FINGER ON THE BUTTON A reminder - we're not only a top-rated food and agri bank, we offer more. Following ^oproval for its new business "an (see page 12), our Health Care sector's enthusiasm appears to be infectious. A badge, complete with 'Health Care, we care' slogan and the trusty Rabobank emblem is distributed with this month's issue of What's NewS. PARTY TIME It's almost time to celebrate, in 1998 Rabobank will mark its first century. But our centenary will be not just a party, but more a hands-on kick-off (if you'11 forgive the mixed metaphor) for so-called 'teamplay' social and community-based projects around the world. Don't wait ^>r top-down inspiration - this is your bank, and teamplay is your business. And who knows - your ideas could clock up a further NLG 100,000 to go towards your project. For more details see pullout including a sneak preview of what's happening home and abroad in this first in a series of Teamplay specials. GENEVA JOINS THETEAM Rabobank Switzerland continues to expand as in early July a brand new branch in Geneva opened its doors. The new team, led by Gérard Justafré, is initially four-strong, with plans to expand to ten staff members over the coming year. The group will focus on private banking customers in French-speaking and Mediter- ranean countries as well as the Middle East. New Geneva address is Rue du Rhone 65, telephone +41 22 718 9000, telefax +41 22 718 9013. DUSSELDORF TRANSFERS By the year's end, Rabobank's Dusseldorf branch will close for transferal to Frankfurt; a positive step in line with our customer focus strategy, according to Manfred Schneider, deputy general manager Frankfurt. After reviewing Dusseldorf's initial portfolio, Rabobank Germany feit there were clients with growing potential for additional banking products which are not available in Dusseldorf. 'We are not simply closing down but transferring in order to improve both cross-fertilization and customer profitablity', continues Schneider. 'The move simply means we are better able to look after our clients.' WHAT'S THE SKINNY THIS MONTH? CHECK OUT OUR CENTENARY PREPA RATIO NS AS WHAT'S NEWS 'TEAM- PLAYS FOR THE FUTURE'. IAMA vision - feeding the world 3 New look for FAR - food and agri delves further into knowhow exchange 5 Indonesia in focus - the team's on track 7 Healthy Image - positive prognosis 12 Leasing Deals - overcoming cross-border hurdles 14 Talking Heads - Maarten van Alkemade on the hot seat 16 Snensorodht

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