Euro Banking Rabobank International What's NewS Issue 6June 1997 While the politicians discuss and debate the legalities and niceties of European Monetary Union, much of the basic business of public information on the transition to the Euro appears to have been left to the banks. Most financial institutions are doing their utmost to provide customers - both retail and corporate - with essential information. We are no exception. The first Euro seminar attracted no less than 400 clients to workshops on Euro effects on payment systems, treasury, fiscal and accounting, and 1T. According to Rabobank board-member Jan Groninger, who opened the sessions, there are less than 350 working days to E- Day, if all goes according to current plans for a 1 January 1999 launch. 'From surveys, it appears that the general public, both as personal consumer customers and as corporate clients, have great expectations of the information and concrete assistance they want to receive from their bank. In fact, they expect more from us than from government.' While recognizing that recent events, such as the French elections and the German gold reserve issue, could lead to the conclusion that EMU rnay be postponed, he said: 'It seems less than conceivable that a project like this which would be the jewel in the crown of a half century of economie integration would be cancelled because one of the core players had a deficit of a few percentage points.' For more on the Euro, see page 4 More than 400 corporates attended the Euro workshop organized as a customer service. 'You are not our primary bank,' said one cliënt, 'hut you 're the first to invite us to talk about the Euro - that earns you points with us. in brief "*)- contents WHAT'S IN A NAME? When is a Rabobank not a «tank? When it is Rabo fading, according to our people in Chile. When our rep office was launched a couple of years ago, it was staffed by a representative and a secretary. At the end of last year, our office team numbered 17. On 1 June 1997, it was back to Ronald Blok and his secretary. So what happened to the rest of our colleages in Santiago and why is the Chilean team gleeful about the lack of rep office personnel - see page 3 to find out... HONG KONG HANDOVER Rabobank Hong Kong is ready ^or the 'handover'of Hong ^Kong to mainland China. On the night of June 30 there will be fireworks and parties all over the city. 'Not the least of which at the bank, where all staff and their partners are The food and agri-research department's latest study.this time on the fresh-fruit trade, is available now.This is the first of the 'new-style'studies in that the published version which is on sale to the general public is an abridged version of the full research available to our clients. In addition, it also comprises clear,detailed future scenarios. Don't miss this new approach to knowledge sharing.Copies are available from Wil van derTuuk of Marketing, telephone:+31 30 2162804; telefax:+31 30 2161976. expected - in Chinese national dress. Everywhere in Hong Kong good luck charms, the white dolphin emblem for reunion and the flower which is Hong Kong's city emblem emphasize the growing belief in commercial continuity,' Jennifer Chan, manager of Hong Kong Rabobank's Dutch desk told us. TURKEY DEVELOPMENT R1 is to apply to the Turkish authorities for a full branch licence, according to Henk Adams, who is already based in Istanbul and is pursusing development of our activities in this interesting market. Adams says it will be around six months before the new operation is organized, but he will keep us up to speed on the situation. THIS MONTH THE EURO AND DEVELOPMENTS IN PARIS KEPT WNS MOSTLY IN EUROPE. READ ALL ABOUT IT! Trading Places - Rl Chile becomes Rabotrading Chile 3 E-Day Countdown - Transition to the Euro for bank and business 4 Paris Special - Rabo Paris is getting a grip on France's large but small scale F&A market where networking is all 7-10 Talking heads - Willy Van den Houdt, an entrepreneur in Antwerp 16

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