c Warsaw Winner Rabobank fsjcM/yJ, International What's NewS Monthly internal newsletter for Rabobank International Issue 5 May 1997 Chairman Herman Wijffels' visit meant a lot for Rabo-BRP's media exposure. From left to right: Herman Wijffels, Ewa Diedkan (bead of Customer Service department) and Darivsz Ledworowski (President of the Rabo-BRP Board). You could be forgiven for thinking Rabo-BRP in Poland had long been up and running - and in fact the Warsaw Rabobankers' official 'opening' last month was more a bit of icing on their commercial cake. Chairman Herman Wijffels flew to the Polish capital to do the honours at what staff there describe as a low- profile, but highly effective event. 'Last year, when the merger between the bank and BRP was launched, there was a lot more fanfare,' confirms GM Oet Bakker. 'This was a rather modest event in the sense that we had a kind of 'family' get together for the staff to meet Wijffels before taking him on to a full programme of meetings with ministers and financial authorities.' One highlight was the presentation by our chairman to Rabo-BRP's clients and prospects. 'Wijffels told us to use him in any way we could to promote our business and that is exactly what we did,' Bakker confirms. 'He really impressed our clients and the government officials with his knowledge of the Polish situation and their prospects for EU entry. This was followed up by an in-depth interview in one of Poland's most authoritative news magazines. If you want to know why we 'opened', then the answer is clear. We couldn't have achieved this kind of exposure without this kind of top visitor if we had worked for a year. And it has already paid off - one of our prospects has just become a cliënt.' in brief contents HUNGARY MANDATE Rabobank Investments (Hungary) has won a kprestigious mandate as advisor "for the privatization of Raba Rt, one of the country's largest companies still in state ownership. The bank was invited to participation in a closed tender with six other institutions, including SBC Rabo-BRP has issued its first domestic bank bond.The issue of PLN 100 million is a privately placed Polish Zlotych domestic bond with full guaranteefrom Rabobank Nederland, a guarantee which underscores the bank's commitment to Central European markets. Warburg and Paribas. The privatization process will include a capital increase and a combined international private placement and domestic public offering. Winning this mandate is a spectacular start for the recently established Rabobank Investments and comes hard on the heels of Rabobank's banking licence. Says general Rabo-BRP's Warsaw office. manager Tamas Simonyi, 'this was very much a joint effort, with Ferenc Geiszt of Rabo Investments and Jan Quist of Rabo Securities offering incredible support in gaining this first mandate.' WNS POPS THE QUESTION What do you think about What's NewS? What could we do better? What do you like, what do you hate - or does the best (read: only) internal magazine leave you indifferent? We want to know. We want your views on current regular features and on topics that we're not covering for you. With this issue, you will find a readers' questionnaire and we would be extremely grateful if you would fill it in and return it to us promptly. Your opinion counts - let's hear it. WHAT'S NEWS VISITS RABO HOT SPOTS - AT HOME AS WELL AS ABROAD. Rabobanker at Work - Judith Hamilton gets the right information to the right place. 5 Fun at the Fair - Utrecht Branch worked and played hard at the Knowledge Fair. 6-9 Customer Value Strikes Again - At a roundtable conference with some of our people from Singapore, New York, London and Utrecht. 12-13 Talking Heads - Rabo Securities Andries Mak van Waaij and the calculated risk. 16

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