c Duisenberg: Europe's Banker Rabobank International SJcms-1- {Uil What's NewS Monthly internal newsletter for Rabobank International Issue 4« April 1997 Wim Duisenberg, awarded for his achievements at the Dutch Central Bank. Former Rabo board member and current president of the Dutch Central Bank Wim Duisenberg was named European Banker of the Year last month. This prestigious award is bestowed annually by a group of eminent European financial journalists. Rabobank Deutschland used the presentation as an ideal opportunity to promote Rabobank International. It both hosted the award ceremony and sponsored a VIP lunch, which was attended by Wouter Kolff and Wim van den Goorbergh. Duisenberg was granted the award for his achievements at the Dutch Central Bank. He will shortly take charge of the European Monetary Institute, forerunner of the European Central Bank, scheduled to open at the start of European Monetary Union in 1999. He used the occasion to defend progress towards the currency union. A firm supporter of monetary stability policies, Duisenberg also rejected rumors of a delay in the EMU process. While some countries might not qualify, he said, it was important not to 'overdramatize their predicament'. in brief contents ")- SWISS EXPANSION Our private bankers in Switzerland are growing - again. This time it is not an acquisition, but the opening of a new branch in Geneva designed to push into the ^jghly attractive ivlediterranean and Middle- Eastern markets. The first of a planned five-person team - three private bankers and two support staff - should be in place next month. 'Our plan is to have the full team operational by mid-summer,' says Switzerland's Heinz Zimmer. 'We call the new office a branch because law here requires that status. But essentially this is a marketing office. It will be supported primarily through remote access to all our systems in Zurich.' Zurich is currently in the process of recruiting the rest of the team, which ^immer says will consist of 'seasoned private bankers who will contribute specific know how of the markets they will be penetrating.' Von Ungern-Sternberg joins Managing Board Alexandervon Ungern- Sternberg (46) has been appointed Member of the Managing Board of Rabobank International as of April 7th. Von Ungern-Sternberg will be based in Utrecht and London. He will be responsible for all Investment Banking activities. (see also back page) NEWCO MONITORS RISK A joint venture between RI and Swiss software and research company Olsen Associates opens up the use of currency overlay products to a broad cliënt group. Unlike conventional hedge strategies, which are usually based on static models and predictions, currency overlays use an active approach, with hedge ratios changing dynamically in response to signals from technical trading models. The result is more accurate signalling of trends and better control of foreign currency risks in accordance with a client's desired exposure profile, together with maximized returns. 'Exchange rate variations aren't simply random,' explains Haijo Dijkstra, CEO and Head of Marketing Sales of the new company, Rabo Olsen Global Overlay Strategies, since 1 April. 'The chance of a particular exchange rate rising or falling is not 50%, but can be predicted with good accuracy by the technical model we have developed. Together with the dynamic hedging approach that our system makes (continued on page 5) THIS MONTH A FULL 16 PAGES OF NEWS FROM RI'S MOVERS AND SHAKERS. ABP Future Focus - a process of internationalization diversification 3 Custumor Value Revisited - a lively discussion 4 RI make over - Global ad campaign 6 APFT-special - putting finance into agri 7 Cotton Clubs Together- conference great success 11 Dublin Office - consolidation and expansion 12 New Mandate GMA 13 Kiene Deal - Rabo Securities, does sweet deal 14 Deal of the month - Nutreco strengthens balance sheet 15 New Board member 16

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