c RI MAKES A SPLASH J> Rabobank Corporale and Investment banking International What's NewS MONTHLY 1NTERNAL NEWSLETTER FOR RABOBANK INTERNATIONAL Issue 3 March 1997 Creating bonds - a stand for business. The Rabobank International stand at the Eurobond Congress in London last month was immensely popular. 'We really made quite a splash,' says Koos Derksen of financial markets, 'and not only with the free flowing Heineken. The stand really turned into a meeting point and brought us a lot of new contacts.' During the two day Eurobond Congress, the Rabobank International stand became a home away from home for the Dutch institutional investors we had invited to London. 'We made sure they were provided with all the facilities they needed and also arranged an evening program. All passers-by were asked for their business cards in return for a freshly pulled glass of beer. That gave us a chance to talk to potential prospects. This was a great way to extend our business network,' says Derksen. in brief contents STRONG GROWTH IN 1996 Our final results were announced officially on February 26 and showed the whole organization had made ^ignificant contributions to growth. Overall lending was up 14%; funds entrusted rose by 8%; commission income was up a staggering 17%; and our net profit increased 14.4%. Announcing these satisfactory figures, chairman Herman Wijffels attributed our strong growth to increasing customer demand for services and products. The domestic organization repositioned itself strongly in the past two years, achieving a reaffirmation of cooperative values aimed at partnership with customers. In Rabobank International, the cliënt focus strategy aims to ^chieve a similar effect. Other important numbers over 1996 are increases in income of 12.1%. Our consolidated balance-sheet total was up 12.9% - as a comparison, we've averaged 7.8% over the period 1991 through 1995. Our BIS-ratio feil slightly, from 12.0% in 1995 to 11.3% for the reporting year (minimum requirement is 8%). Operating results before taxation rose by 13.9 and we'11 pay tax amounting to NLG 706 million. Look out for the Annual Report/Group Profile which will be appearing in April with full financial statements. INTERNATIONAL INVESTMENT BANKING Following the successful launch of the Budapest operation as Rabobank branch late last year, Hungary's Rabobankers have taken ongoing development of their business one step further. Budapest's business plan for setting up investment banking activities has been approved. Investment banking will also be launched in Poland so that Rabobank will grow its expertise in these promising central European countries at a strong pace. Utrecht Branch's departments will be presenting their activities to other colleagues at a 'knowledge fair'on April 4. It's also something of an official opening. Everyone is invited - the Utrecht team would love to see any international Rabobankers who may be around. You're most welcome! SOMEWHAT SLIMMER THAN USUAL, BUT THERE'S JUST AS MUCH INFO IN THIS MARCH ISSUE OF WHAT'S NEWS. RI on course - what's happen ing on the training scene 3 A question of value - international Rabobankers on customers, focus and strategy 4 Sharing know-how - financial markets research around the world 6 Sustainable development - IAMA platform 7 Big deals - new approach to top transactions 11 Talking heads - Poland's Oet Bakker in the hot seat 12 Rabobank International

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