c RABO-ROBECO FIRST c Rabobank International What's NewS Monthly internal newsletter for Rabobank International Issue 2 Fefaruary 1997 J Rabo/Robeco's winning team Freek Hoek (left) and Ruud Hendriks. The join up between Rabobank and Robeco last summer opened up a number of promising avenues for cooperation. But promises and achievements are two very different things, at least they were until the two partners brought off a really beautiful deal. 'It's for the Central Bank of Argentina,' says Freek Hoek, hardly able to surpress his glee. 'We've won the global fixed income asset management contract for USD 100 million from the central bank and we couldn't have done it without Robeco.' Robeco Institutional Asset Management (RIAM)'s Ruud Hendriks couldn't agree more. 'As Robeco alone, it would have been much more difficult to win this mandate. Our cooperation with the hank and its rating gives us a strong access position to this type of contract which other leading combinations of asset manager/bank do not have.' Rabo/Robeco got together last October with the aim of positioning the duo as triple-A bank and first-class asset manager in the central bank and supranational institutional markets. 'This cooperation gave us the status we needed for acceptance by the Argentine Central Bank,' confirms Hoek. 'And this is just the beginning of what should be a very successful partnership.' in brief j- MAKING CYCLING HISTORY The bank carved out a niche in Dutch cycling history last week when it became the first single fcponsor to present three teams a junior, an amateur and a professional equipe. This is just one indication of Rabobank's confidence in the success of its cycling sponsorship agreements. A second clear signal is the announcement that we will be putting money into the sport - at every level - until the year contents 2000. Rabobank launched its Cycling Plan in 1996. The aim is to promote every aspect of the sport, including recreational and youth projects. However, the whole organization agrees that the bank's professional team has already proved a real asset. Name recognition, especially in cycling countries, can only be enhanced by the team's achievements. Look out for our familiar colours this coming season on both track and road. Brazil-Dutch hockey team. RAIBO ON THE BALL Following RI's initiative to sponsor the Dutch national hockey association, Raibo do Brasil has followed suit and injected capital into the local Dutch team. 'Hockey is hardly a popular sport in Brazil,' says Teun de Boon (standing left), 'but this amateur teams are doing all they can to promote it. We donated the team's full kit as a way of supporting them.' The Raibo-bankers can't be sure, but there's a rumour going around that the slick new outfits have winning properties - the Dutch team promptly beat the Germans 1-0. WHAT'S THE SKINNY THIS MONTH? FIND OUT IN WHAT'S NEWS Working relations - RoyalTen Cate wants initiative 3 Caps off to London branch - new products for financial markets 4 Rl numbers - how we did last year 5 Domestic special - behind the scenes at a local bank 7 On the Euro - info team at work 14 Talking heads - Cor Broekhuyse in the hot seat 16

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